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Monday, April 30, 2012

My Alice In Chains Collection

Current mood: Alice-In-Chainsy

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I have Facelift, Dirt, Jar Of Flies, Sap, the Unplugged (on CD, I bought it it once as a gift to my best friend and again in a package with Jar & Sap - this album worth buying a million times!), Black Gives Way To Blue and today I got Alice In Chains A.K.A Tripod!

So dear AiC fans,
what's next? I'm not really into searching bootlegs to buy or live albums.
There are some songs that are available on compilations only (like What The Hell Have I? or Died), but I won't buy a compilation of songs I already have only of one or two songs...
I already got Mad Season's Above.
Maybe Jerry Cantrell's solo career? I like his solo material...

Even when in a shiny pink skirt and pony tails - Zakk Wylde is the mannliest person in the whole universe.

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