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Sunday, March 04, 2012

Names for my future kids

Current mood: creative

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1) Rose - Named after the song "Every Rose Has It's Thorns", but it has nothing to do with the lyrics, it's just a beautiful song...
2) Alice - Named after one of my all-time favorite bands ever, Alice In Chains. This band's music has been there for me in some of my darker days.
Another inspiration for this name might be the song "Alice Said" by Screaming Trees...
3) George - Named after my grandfather's (rest in peace) usage of the name due to his disability to remember other people's actual names.
Plus, my favorite Beatle is George Harrison, he's the most talented between them in my opinion.

So, as girly as it can be, do you have an interesting idea for names?


When Zakk Wylde met Ozzy Osbourne the building collapsed because it couldn't handle that much awesomeness.


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