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Monday, November 21, 2011

The 5 Albums That Influenced Me

Current mood: nostalgic

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1) Master Of Puppets by Metallica:
At the age of 15 I realized that I really should listen to albums from top to bottom, from the first song all the way to the last one.
Back then, a year after I began my journey into that realm named "Heavy Metal", I only heard Metallica's classic songs... Songs like One, Master Of Puppets, Seek And Destroy and there's also Whiplash, my first metal song ever...
I still remember listening to Welcome Home (Sanitarium) thinking "God, how could I miss all of those gems, all of those masterpieces in this album?!?!"
I remember that I wrote this song which is really based on Sanitarium's verse lick, but I did something different about it.
My former bandmates from Social Necrosis (the band I formed around that era and got disbanded "naturally" half a year ago...) still remembers that song to me.
I wonder where's the folder that I had in ninth grade with Master Of Puppets' lyrics written on it's cover...
2) Rust In Peace by Megadeth:
God bless Megadeth! and Dave Mustaine in person!!!
I bought it through my dad with his eBay account, yes I own the remaster and not the original... but I don't mind.
Every metalhead remembers their first Megadeth song, mine - Hangar 18.
Suprising? not that much...
My favorite Megadeth song- Holy Wars... The Punishment Due, why? 'cause of the insane riffs, the tight drumming, the sharp lyrics ("Next thing you'll know, They'll take my thoughts away!") and obviously - the notorious guitar solos!
It's a good album for drummers, great album for bassists (songs like Dawn Patrol or Five Magics or Poison Was The Cure) and a huge challenge for guitarists (the entire album!)...
I still can't play any of those guitar solos right abd tight! on the other hand I never determented my self as a guitarist or a bassist)
I'll cherish that song I wrote for Social Necrosis named "Nuke 'Em All", I played it for the first time on my classical guitar and I thought to myself "Wow, this riff is so Dave-Mustaine-like!". I can say that there was an inspiration from Hangar 18. Not like the Sanitarium case, but yeah...
Dave Mustaine is my idol. I like his music and I learned a lot from his music and his life.
3) Cowboys From Hell by Pantera:
Pantera & the song Cowboys From Hell made me the metalhead I am today.
To be honest - I was more impressed by Phil's voice in this song than Dimebag's riffs and solo, which I like as well!
I've told the story of how I've heard this song for the first time at a rehearesal with my first band Evil In Mind (back when I was 14) and loved it immediately while the rhythm guitarist called this song "stupid song by a band that can't write lyrics" a million times. I didn't choke him for that, but I had the right. ;)
Cemetery Gates always thrills me, so deep and have a marvelous lyrics!
Psycho Holiday, Heresy, Primal Concrete Sledge and The Art Of Shredding always makes me go crazy! no explanations needed.
I still remember my shock from the color of the CD - "What? how can anyone release such a heavy album and sale it as a pink CD?!?!"
'Cause there is nothing more fun than doing dive bombs with your Floyd Rose equiped guitar and feel like Dimebag Darrell for a second! (or however long you can make this sound...)
4) Mother's Milk by Red Hot Chili Peppers:
Red Hot Chili Peppers can take me to a nostalgic trip far away to days I was 6 years old... But right now I'll go to the days I was 13-14.
My first bass guitar teacher taught me a RHCP song she didn't knew it's name - something with "Butterfly", a lovely bass melody. really.
Later I discovered (thank to Youtube) that this melody was a part of "Pretty Little Ditty" (the butterfly came up probably because Crazy Town's song that uses the exact part...), I decided to buy the album that featured this song.
Later, I discovered some great tunes in the album - Good Time Boys, Knock Me Down, Nobody Wierd Like Me, Subway To Venus and more...
I never met anyone that say that Flea is not a great bassist! At this Album Flea supplies the best of his skills!
Anthony is a talented singer and a good rapper as well...
John does some funky and insane guitar parts all over the place! (except of Fire, which is the last song Hillel Slovak R.I.P. ever recorded)
And it's nothing new that Chad is an animal on a drumkit, a very groovy animal anyway...
I still discover songs from this album and I keep liking it, I even like it more with every song I listen to.
I rather this one over Blood Sugar Sex Magik.
5) No More Tears by Ozzy Osbourne:
Much like almost every metalhead - my first Ozzy song was Crazy Train, if it's not your first Ozzy song - there's something wrong or maybe played GTA: San Andreas and heard Hellraiser...
It was a year and a half ago, I was 16.5 years old, I decided to watch a videoclip that I've always saw on Youtube named "Mama I'm Coming Home - Ozzy Osbourne" (or something like that...), and I loved this song. a lot.
I still do, I'll play it in my wedding along with Don't Cry by G'n'R... (I feel the little girls who always fantasize of those things...)
I remember that it was my 17th birthday, I went through a slightly crazy day but a really fun one, after a rehearsal with Social Necrosis we went to the record shop that's close to the rehearsal room we used to pratice at, my friend and the band's rhythm guitarist told me "Hey, it's your birthday - go buy yourself a record! I'm paying."
I found this album that was the only album I've wanted back then, so he and the drummer looked at me and they asked me "Is Crazy Train in that album?" 'No.' (I've already had Blizzard Of Ozz at home) "Then you really could do better and buy something else..." 'No, I couldn't...'
I heard the album at home and liked Mr. Tinkertrain and I Don't Wanna Change The World and Zombie Stomp and AVH and No More Tears.
Although I believe that Ozzy's best solo album is Blizzard Of Ozz - this one is special.
Ozzy's voice and Zakk's riffs and solos are different in No More Tears, something about the emotions... probably the southern rock accent...
So that's my 5 albums.
What's your?

Zakk Wylde's tears cure cancer, but unluckily - he has never cried.


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eatfresh1736 wrote on Mar 14th, 2012 8:11pm

Great post, man.

5 albums that influence me are (in no particular order):

Master Of Puppets - I started to get into metal when I was 17, and I was just starting to play guitar. I bought the tab book for Death Magnetic and Ride The Lightning, and taught myself. It was Metallica who taught me rhythm, melody, and how to properly practice guitar. Out of all their albums, MoP is truly amazing from start to finish. Interestingly, before I heard the whole album, the song that got me hooked on Metallica was Leper Messiah, which in my opinion is a very underrated song.

Anthrax - Among The Living - In my early explorations in metal, I heard I Am The Law, Indians and Efilnikufesin. To me, it wasn't like other thrash metal. It had a fun, kinda joking vibe to it. I like the gang vocals alot. It makes Anthrax seem like a cool and chilled out band, not all serious and evil like Slayer.

Alice In Chains - Facelift - The album is innovative and interesting all the way through. The vocals mix with the


eatfresh1736 wrote on Mar 14th, 2012 8:12pm

(continued) dark melodies perfectly. Layne Staley's wailing and Jerry Cantrell's monotonous droning voice are the perfect vocal duo. I can really get lost in this album. When I write songs, I sometimes try to achieve that empty, introspective, haunting sound that is AIC's signature.

Trivium - Shogun - Like I've mentioned, I only started getting into metal when I was around 17 yrs old. One of my friends was really into Trivium. I thought they were ok, but not amazing. When Shogun was released, I was blown away. The songs are incredibly heavy, and the melodies don't distract you from the song itself. This is one of the most balanced albums I've heard - it has the perfect mix of screaming and singing. The song Shogun is 11 minutes long, and not a single second of it is disappointing. The album really makes me think about the overall progression and composition of songs.


eatfresh1736 wrote on Mar 14th, 2012 8:13pm

(continued) Van Halen - Van Halen - Metallica awakened the serious metalhead in me, but Van Halen awakened the wild lead guitarist within. EVH's style of playing solos from one end of the neck to the other made me aware that I was being too strict on following neat patterns. Sometimes you have to let loose and just let your fingers do what they want. Noisy pinch harmonics, divebombs, natural harmonics, flanger, phaser, atonal noise - somtimes, random guitar noise is good. Dimebag Darrell took it to the next level, but EVH did it first.

These aren't my top 5 favorite albums, just the ones that directly influence my playing.


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