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miskatsu wrote on Dec 17th, 2009 2:57pm

You wish for more instrumentals on "Slash and Friends", but Slash is not one of those solo (alone) playing virtuoses who like to make instrumentals. The truth is Slash is an Rock Guitarit, which plays with an band, ad he doesn't shred. He plays melody-like solos, and doesn't shred, as said previously.

So no for the instrumentals sorry :/

PS: I'm from Finland

PPS: I have the same Epi Les Paul Standard as you :D


Duke von Rocka wrote on Jun 10th, 2009 7:51pm

yeah... i did it standing on my amp... and id kick his ass... if id know who he is XD


SeeEmilyPlay wrote on Jun 10th, 2009 12:00pm

Duke von Rock wrote on Jun 10th, 2009 at 3:46am :

lol XD

I guess he's implying that males look feminine? Idk I think you better kick his ass lol


SeeEmilyPlay wrote on May 16th, 2009 12:37am

oh my gosh did you really do that standing on your amp?


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