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Tuesday, February 02, 2010


Current mood: pissed off

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About my last blog entry...we broke up, but it's okay cause now I see her for who she really is. Nothing but a skanky ass bitch! When I see her,, she just pisses me off and I just wanna hit her! Yet no one will say "Yes I do agree that she is" and that just pisses me off more. the closest I got to an agreement was my best friend walking away when a friend of mine said that my ex doesn't attack people with no reason (which I agree fully on that), but anyway, while I was telling my friend this, he said that I shouldn't say stuff like that (though I honestly don't care if I do. Freedom of speech bitches!) and that I should have mutrail respect for her. Though just a few days ago a person in my grade committed sucide and she said I was joking about it. And I was right there when she was saying this!!!! She called my "that Widell kid" (Widell being my last name). So I so don't see me giving her respect if she's gonna pull that low life shit on me! I think (and pretty sure I'm right) that she's only bitchy because she doesn't have a dick in her and someone obossing over her. So add to the list I think of her is a self-obossed whore! Though just out of ceriousty: should i give her mutrail respect?
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bourgeoisnq wrote on Mar 14th, 2010 9:01pm

dude stop making wierd emotional posts on a guitar website and grow a pair and say it to her face


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