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Saturday, April 25, 2009


Current mood: happy that i could tell you but pissed off at the

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Sorry i havent done anything in a LONG time so i decided to write a blog on what i've been up to. Well i guess ill start now. So winterfest dance at my school Witch was sometime in Febuary idk when but I started dating this girl named Lauren...and wow!:dance::dance:she is the most amazing person i have ever met in my life. And we danced twice(at school dances)we went to the movies(we saw talken)we went to a concert(syngery but i dought anyone heard of them)wwe went to a school play. And Im sure that there will be more dates(but we havent done anything...if you get my point).And she had some pretty bad boyfriends before(lest just say that she said that having a boyfriend that cares is new to her). But she isnt the prettiest girl in the world but i dont care cause its personatly i care about and she has got it(big time). But she is a juinor at my school(even though she should be in my grade cause she skiped the third grade cause of home schooling). But yea thats really about all i can say before i go into a rant about her. but Now into onter people like my dad. My dad is in...well i dont know but i do know that in a while he'll be in Bagdad soon(in like a month or something). My brother Duaine(Gag3r123)is in ALC(alternative learning center if you didnt know) and i think its worling out better than normal schooling. My mom is being a dick(like thats new). My little brothers are anoing as hell(again like thats new but Kevin(Kdag1234) is making fun of my girfriend same with another person in my school that nobody likes and if he says one more thing(he'll say things like "Ugh not in my hall way thats gross")well my girlfriend said that she would get supended for either starting a fight or swaring but i told her i had a better idea).And that is pretty much it.
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