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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Random Learning

Current mood: accomplished

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Well, this is my first Ultimate Guitar blog post! Haha feels really good to finally be interacting with fellow musicians and guitarists in general! I intend to blog as often as possible, but with school etc, it may get a bit rough. I learnt how to play "Devil in a Midnight Mass" today by Billy Talent! Such a sick song to keep jamming in Drop D! I've been playing a lot of "Lamb of God" stuff lately, "Walk With Me In Hell" being my most played song at the moment. Got a new amp a few days ago, the Ibanez Tone Blaster at 30 watts ! Its such a beast! Can't believe its mine! I want to learn some other Billy Talent stuff, they use such unique chords and awesome riffs! "The Navy Song" is next 
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