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Paschendale   (01:21)
Epic song by Iron Maiden, just my favourite part of the song { Tags : iron, maiden, paschendale }
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Diamonds and Rust   (03:30)
Just me playing over the live version of Diamonds and Rust off of Metalogy, I just learnt it by ear and I lose it big time in the slow part in the middle but oh well. { Tags : diamonds, rust, judas, priest }
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Crazy Train solo   (01:01)
Just the solo, figured it was about time I put something new up.

Sorry about the sketchy editing lol, i usually use adobe audition but i had to use audacity for this so i didn't really do much playing with it.

Im pretty happy with the tone for the solo, the old RP150 doesnt do too bad for a present { Tags : ozzy, osbourne, diamond, dave, crazy, train, rp150 }
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