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ragingben (2)
Thursday, August 25, 2011

you know what really gets to me... (UG/guitar rela

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people who suggest things just because of their reputation or because it's expensive.

i see threads all the time that ask "i play blues and classic rock and would like a new amp with a budget of *insert price here* and i live *insert location here*" and replies from people saying "get a 6505+" or shit like that.

seriously... you're suggesting a 6505+ for blues and classic rock? i doubt that the 6505+ is a very good amp anyway, is it as good for classic rock as an AC30? doubt it... or blues as a two-rock? again, doubt it. so why suggest it?

also people who say that the expensive pedals are better.

are Boss pedals REALLY as good as the EHXequivalent? doubt that too...
people say that a boss CE5 is better than an EHX small clone. for an extra 20 it best be, i've played both, and i picked the EHX because it was a much better pedal.

price doesn't always = quality.

so stop reccomending pedals and amps based on their rep or pricetag.

im not even gonna mention guitars... the amount of times i've seen "schecter C1" or something with crappy EMG active p-ups suggested for someone who wants a guitar for rock or something. WHYYYYYYYYYYYY??????? suggest a f'king les paul or something, not everyone has to have EMG 81/85 combos and stuff.

if what i've read the past few months on UG forums, it seems like some users won't be happy until everyone's set up is this

schecter C1 classic with EMG81/85 combo > a load of boss pedals > peavey 6505+ amp.

do me a favour, and fuck right off. i am and always will be a passives preferrer, right now i'm VERY happy with my fender 60's strat, my VT50 on boutique clean setting, and my EHX, Vox and Digitech pedals along with the SHO clone badgerific made me.
i don't need anything else, the set-up i have gives me the sound i want, and if i need a new bit of kit i'll go buy it, if i don't know what then i'll ask but i will always state i don't need a new amp, don't need a new guitar and the pedals i have suit me well.


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ragingben wrote on Sep 22nd, 2011 4:21pm

Somes up pretty much exactly my hatred of UG! I still vist the website for the 10 useful people on here (Cathbard I'm looking at you), but generally people are full of shit! I have a EHX Metal Muff, I like my Metal Muff for what it does, but constantly I get shit like "d00d that iz shit yo need a okko dominator 4 da br00tz". Well I agree FUCK OFF! I happen to like a distortion like a can of bees sometimes. Also if I hear one more "you need a new amp" reply to a what pedal thread...

Fair play on the rant! +2


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