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Monday, December 27, 2010

The Best Metal Albums 2000 - 2010

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[The Best Albums 2000 - 2010 pt.1]

This part of the blog is my personal opinion based list of the best albums between 2000 and 2010. Keep in mind that it's completely opinion based.

i choosed to a list of the best Metal albums, and as said: It's [MY] opinion, which might or might not come in terms with yours.

The set up for the list is as follows:

[Band name] - [Album Title]
[Band name] - [Album Title]
[Band name] - [Album Title]

The list is only ordered in alphabetic order.
__________________________________________________ _______________________________
[The Best Albums 2000 - 2010 pt.2]


At Vance - Heart of Steel
Axxis - Back to the Kingdom
Dark Tranquillity - Haven
Decapitated - Winds of Creation
Elvenking - Heathenreel
HammerFall - Renegade
Helloween - Dark Ride
Nevermore - Dead Heart in a Dead World
Nile - Black Seeds of Vengeance
Nocturnal Rites - Afterlife
Old Man's Child - Revelation 666 (The Curse of Damnation)
Pantera - Reinventing the Steel
Persuader - The Hunter
Rhapsody of Fire - Dawn of Victory
Sabaton - Fist for Fight
Sonata Arctica - Silence
Stratovarius - Infinite
Symphony X - V-The New Mythology Suite
The Berzerker - The Berzerker


Anaal Nathrakh - The Codex Necro
Arch Enemy - Wages of Sin
At Vance - Dragonchaser
Axxis - Eyes of Darkness
Burning Point - Salvation by Fire
Emperor - Prometheus - The Discipline of Fire & Demise
Falconer - Falconer
Fear Factory - Digimortal
Freedom Call - Crystal Empire
Gamma Ray - No World Order
Into Eternity - Dead or Dreaming
Iron Savior - Dark Assault
Kamelot - Karma
Kreator - Violent Revolution
Megadeth - The World Needs a Hero
Rhapsody of Fire - Rain of a Thousand Flames
Silencer - Death - Pierce Me
System of a Down - Toxicity


Amon Amarth - Versus the World
At Vance - Only Human
Axenstar - Perpetual Twilight
Axxis - Pure & Rough
Blind Guardian - A Night at the Opera
Celesty - Reign of Elements
Dark Tranquillity - Damage Done
Decapitated - Nihility
Dream Evil - Dragonslayer
Dream Theater - Six Degrees of Inner Turbulence
Dreamtale - Beyond Reality
Dreamtale - Ocean's Heart
Falconer - Chapters from a Vale Forlorn
Fear Factory - Concrete
Freedom Call - Eternity
HammerFall - Crimson Thunder
Hate Eternal - King of all Kings
Iron Savior - Condition Red
Luca Turilli - Prophet of the Last Eclipse
Nile - In Their Darkened Shrines
Nocturnal Rites - Shadowland
Power Quest - Wings of Forever
Rhapsody of Fire - Power of the Dragonflame
StormWarrior - StormWarrior
Symphony X - The Odyssey
System of a Down - Steal This Album!
The Berzerker - Dissimulate


Arch Emeny - Anthems of Rebellion
At Vance - The Evil in You
Axenstar - Far From Heaven
Burning Point - Feeding the Flames
DevilDriver - DevilDriver
DragonForce - Valley of the Damned
Dream Evil - Evilized
Dream Theater - Train of Thought
Epica - The Phantom Agony
Falconer - The Sceptre of Deception
Helloween - Rabbit Don't Come Easy
Highland Glory - From the Cradle to the Brave
Kamelot - Epica
Metallica - St. Anger
Nevermore - Enemies of Reality
Old Man's Child - In Defiance Of Existence
Sonata Arctica - Winterheart's Guild
Spawn of Possession - Cabinet
Stratovarius - Elements Pt.1
Stratovarius - Elements Pt.2
Swallow the Sun - The Morning Never Came
The Black Dahlia Murder - Unhallowed


Anaal Nathrakh - Domine Non Es Dignus
Axxis - Time Machine
Celesty - Legacy of Hate
Death Angel - The Art of Dying
Decapitated - The Negation
DragonForce - Sonic Firestorm
Dream Evil - The Book of Heavy Metal
Elvenking - Wyrd
Exodus - Tempo of the Damned
Fear Factory - Archetype
Into Eternity - Buried in Oblivion
Iron Savior - Battering Ram
Machinae Supremacy - Deus Ex Machinae
Machinae Supremacy - Jets'n'Guns OST
Megadeth - The System Has Failed
Necrophagist - Epitaph
Ninja Magic - Ninja Nation
Nocturnal Rites - New World Messiah
Persuader - Evolution Purgatory
Power Quest - Neverworld
Rhapsody of Fire - Symphony of Enchanted Lands II - The Dark Secret
Sonata Arctica - Reckoning Night
StormWarrior - Northern Rage
Wintersun - Wintersun
Xystus - Receiving Tomorrow


Arch Emeny - Doomsday Machine
At Vance - Chained
Axenstar - The Inquisition
Balflare - Thousands of Winters Of Flames
Dark Tranquillity - Character
Demons & Wizards - Touched by the Crimson King
DevilDriver - The Fury of Out Maker's Hand
Devourment - Butcher the Weak
Dream Theater - Octavarium
Dreamtale - Difference  
Epica - Consign to Oblivion
Epica - The Score - An Epic Journey
Exodus - Shovel Headed Kill Machine
Falconer - Grime Vs. Grandeur
Fear Factory - Transgression
Freedom Call - The Circle of Life
Gamma Ray - Majestic
HammerFall - Chapter V: Unbent, Unbowed, Unbroken
Hate Eternal - I, Monarch
Helloween - Keeper of the Seven Keys - The Legacy
Highland Glory - Forever Endeavour
Kamelot - The Black Halo
Kreator - Enemy of God
Nevermore - This Godless Endeavor
Nile - Annihilation of the Wicked
Nocturnal Rites - Grand Illusion
Old Man's Child - Vermin
Power Quest - Magic Never Dies
Roadrunner United - The All-Star Sessions
Sabaton - Primo Victoria
Scar Symmetry - Symmetric in Design
Stratovarius - Stratovarius
Swallow the Sun - Ghosts of Loss
System of a Down - Hypnotize
System of a Down - Mezmerize
The Berzerker - World of Lies
The Black Dahlia Murder - Miasma
Timeless Miracle - Into the Enchanted Chamber


All That Remains - The Fall of Ideals
Anaal Nathrakh - Eschaton
Axenstar - The Final Requiem
Axxis - Paradise in Flames
Balflare - Tempest
Belphegor - Pestapokalypse VI
Blind Guardian - A Twist in the Myth
Celesty - Mortal Mind Creation
Cellador - Enter Deception
Crystallion - A Dark Enchanted Crystal Night
Decapitated - Organic Hallucinosis
Dissection - Reinkaos
DragonForce - Inhuman Rampage
Dream Evil - United
Elvenking - The Winter Wake
Falconer - Northwind
HammerFall - Threshold
Into Eternity - The Scattering of Ashes
Luca Turilli - The Infinite Wonders of Creation
Luca Turilli's Dreamquest - Lost Horizons
Machinae Supremacy - Redeemer
Persuader - When Eden Burns
Rhapsody of Fire - Triumph or Agony
Sabaton - Attero Dominatus
Scar Symmetry - Pitch Black Progress
Spawn of Possession - Noctambulant
The Faceless - Akeldama


Anaal Nathrakh - Hell Is Empty And All The Devils Are Here
Arch Emeny - Rise of the Tyrant
At Vance - VII
Axxis - Doom of Destiny
Beneath the Massacre - Mechanics of Dysfunction
Burning Point - Burned Down The Enemy
Dark Tranquillity - Fiction
DethKlok - The Dethalbum
DevilDriver - The Last Kind Words
Dimmu Borgir - In Sorte Diaboli
Dream Theater - Systematic Chaos
Element - Aeons Past
Elvenking - The Scythe
Epica - The Divine Conspiracy
Evile - Enter the Grave
Exodus - Exodus - The Atrocity Exhibition... Exhibit A
Freedom Call - Dimensions
Gamma Ray - Land of the Free II
Helloween - Gambling with the Devil
Iron Savior - Megatropolis
Kamelot - Ghost Opera
Machine Head - The Blackening
Megadeth - United Abominations
Miseration - Your Demons - Their Angels
Nile - Ithyphallic
Nocturnal Rites - The 8th Sin
Powerglove - Metal Kombat for the Mortal Man
Sabaton - Metalizer
Sonata Arctica - Unia
Swallow the Sun - Hope
Symphony X - Paradise Lost
The Berzerker - Animosity
The Black Dahlia Murder - Nocturnal
Xystus - Surreal


Alestorm - Captain Morgan's Revenge
All That Remains - Overcome
Amon Amarth - Twilight of the Thunder God
Balflare - Sleeping Hollow
Bonded By Blood - Feed the Beast
Brain Drill - Apocalyptic Feasting
Crystallion - Hattīn
Death Angel - Killing Season
Deeds Of Flesh - Of Whats To Come
DragonForce - Ultra Beatdown
Dreamtale - Phoenix
Edguy - Tinnitus Sanctus
Elvenking - Two Tragedy Poets (...And a Caravan of Weird Figures)
Exodus - Let There Be Blood
Falconer - Among Beggars And Thieves
Hate Eternal - Fury & Flames
Into Eternity - The Incurable Tragedy
Jeff Loomis - Zero Order Phase
Machinae Supremacy - Overworld
Metallica - Death Magnetic
Power Quest - Master of Illusion
ReinXeed - The Light
Revocation - Empire of the Obscene
Revolution Renaissance - New Era
Sabaton - The Art of War
Scar Symmetry - Holographic Universe
StormWarrior - Heading Northe
Testament - The Formation of Damnation
The Berzerker - The Reawakening
The Faceless - Planetary Dulaity
The Plasmarifle - While You Were Sleeping, The World Forever Changed In An Instant
Tracedawn - Tracedawn
Trivium - Shogun
Xystus - Equilibrio


Alestorm - Black Sails at Midnight
Anaal Nathrakh - In the Constellation of the Black Widow
At Vance - Ride the Sky
Axxis - Utopia
Burning Point - Empyre
Celesty - Vendetta
Crystallion - Hundred Days
DethKlok - The Dethalbum II
Devourment - Unleash the Carnivore
Dream Theater - Black Clouds & Silver Linings
Epica - Design Your Universe  
Evile - Infected Nations
F.K.Ü - Where Moshers Dwell
Fairyland - Score to a New Beginning
HammerFall - No Sacrifice, No Victory
Heathen - The Evolution of Chaos
Ignominious Incarceration - Of Winter Born
Kreator - Hordes of Chaos
Mantic Ritual - Executioner
Megadeth - Endgame
Miseration - The Mirroring Shadow
Nile - Those Whom the Gods Detest
Old Man's Child - Slaves of the World
ReinXeed - Higher
Revolution Renaissance - Age of Aquarius
Savage Circus - Of Doom & Death
Scar Symmetry - Dark Matter Dimensions
Sonata Arctica - The Days of Grays
Stratovarius - Polaris
Swallow the Sun - New Moon
Tracedawn - Ego Anthem


All That Remains - ...For We Are Many
Blind Guardian - At the Edge of Time
Bonded By Blood - Exiled To Earth
Cellador - For All or Nothing
Dark Tranquillity - We Are the Void
Death Angel - Relentless Retribution
Dream Evil - In the Night
Elvenking - Red Silent Tides
Exodus - Exhibit B: The Human Condition
Fear Factory - Mechanize
Freedom Call - Legend of the Shadowking
Gamma Ray - To the Metal
Helloween - 7 Sinners
Kamelot - Poetry for the Poisoned
Machinae Supremacy - A View from the End of the World
Nevermore - The Obsidian Conspiracy
Overkill - Ironbound
Pathfinder - Beyond the Space Beyond the Time
Powerglove - Saturday Morning Apocalypse
ReinXeed - Majestic
Revolution Renaissance - Trinity
Sabaton - Coat of Arms
Sons of Liberty - Brush-Fires of the Mind

Total: 297

3:10 pm - 5 comments - 6 Kudos - Report!
sglover34479 wrote on Dec 28th, 2010 12:58am

I can't comment too much, since I've only really been into metal since about 2007/2008. But I see some really great albums in there, nice job!


MarshallStackLP wrote on Apr 4th, 2011 9:01pm

Dissapointed theres no Maiden there man... :P


anybodyelse wrote on May 1st, 2011 9:17pm

Great list. Did A good job not just being mainstream, but not just appealing to your own taste.


craig-sansum wrote on Oct 15th, 2011 10:19am

anaal nathrakh <3


StillSublime wrote on Mar 15th, 2012 2:27pm

Check out Electric Wizard.


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