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Sunday, April 18, 2010

Well... First blog I spose... (not that anyone is

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I thought I better get round to actually posting a blog as per tradition I shall spend much of it bitching!

First off UG honestly between the bass forum, the body mod thread, the gear building forum and to a lesser extent the metal forum this place has been a wealth of info and good people. I've seen some actually amazing things go down here.

Now to begin I spose.

As you may have all guessed by the above I am somewhat keen on body modification, what a lot of people who aren't so into it don't know is how HORRIBLE it feels to have to retire a mod you've grown very attached too my mother said "aww it'll be okay in 6 weeks you won't feel bad about it being gone any more" well she's wrong I'm beginning to feel the pursuit of a pay check is fucking with my self confidence because I don't have a nose ring/piercing at all any more. So all in all I hate food production laws.

I am looking for an office junior(monkey) job as we speak though.

Onto the next topic. Due to a bizarre turn of events I'm now the LEAD GUITARIST for a Symphonic Black metal band so I'm being thrown in teh deep end somewhat. As my profile states I'm a bassist by trade, shit, I even have a full stack sitting next to me as we speak but apparently I'm now the lead guitarist in a band. So I spent all these thousands on bass gear and very very little on guitar because it was just for recording purposes and now I've gotta pretty much pull a guitar amp out my arse so I don't have to borrow my friends all the time. The kind of irony that makes you wanna kick yourself.

Anyways I hope to finish all the orchestral backing tracks for said band soon so we can get recording and practising and recording asap. I'll probably spam the shit out everywhere I can with emospace links when that happens.

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