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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

The Davus Blog: Making Your Room Full of Awesome

Current mood: bored

|Post #1. Davus|

Yeah, you read that right. Making your room awesome is no easy task, my acquaintances, which is why I, Davus, am here to guide you in the ways of awesominity.
But first a disclaimer: I am not going to throw art crap or feng shui at you, this is just a starter's guide for having a decent place to be. I found that making my room more personal made it a better place to be, so I thought I'd share.
Let's get started with some basics.

- Why YOUR room should be awesome.
- What an awesome room consists of.
- How to get started.

Ok, first thing's first, why YOUR room should be awesome.

1. Impress your friends. Who doesn't want that? When people walk into a sea of beige furniture and belt-racks, you probably aren't giving off the right idea. They walk in and think: Wow, this doucher drives a Ford Taurus.
That is bad.

2. Even if you don't spend time in your room now, its nice to have a place to just chill or not do anything. Yeah, for awhile I just threw a bed and some furniture in my room, but I never really felt at home there or anything. When I go into my room I like to feel like I truly do live there, and its not a bad feeling.

3. For those of us that aren't out of high school, if you get grounded for whatever its no longer a punishment to be sent to your room. Don't go spreading the word though, or you're eff'd.


What does an awesome room consist of?

This should be an easy one, but it isn't. A good place to start is to think of things you like doing, or things you like and incorporate them into your room. Guitar? Check. (keep one in there, not too many though. Might need space for other stuff.) Cars? Check. (This is one of my personal things, I just printed out like 50 car pictures in study hall and duct taped them to my ceiling/ wall). Take specific likes and try to get a little bit of them in your room, basically.

Awesome things for any room-

  • Mini Basketball hoop: I put one above my trash can, good time-waster.
  • Posters: Yeah, they spice things up a bit. Make you feel more at home.
  • Nerf gun: If you have to ask why GTFO my blog.
  • Stereo: Ideally with iPod jack, for trying to get to sleep or just chilling.
  • Beanbag chair: because they're f[u][i][/u][/i]uckin' ace.
  • Crap TV: You could buy one off a neighbor for maybe thirty bucks, especially those tiny CRT ones. Then, set up an N64 or something and let the awesome ensue.
  • Lava Lamp: Not for everyone, I just like them.
  • Fap Rag: Everyone gets lonely.

    ...Just kidding. But only sort of.
  • Stuff that you don't have room for in the rest of your house, or your parents/ roommates don't want there/ would steal. (CD's, gum stash, yo-yo's, old photos. Just throw 'em in a drawer.)
  • Junk Box: Things that are too good to throw away, but are otherwise useless. I have a drawer for this, and if I get bored I'll try and fix these or if I randomly need something I check here. Surprisingly useful.

How to get started:
This is the toughest thing for alot of people. And by alot of people I mean me, because I don't walk up to people and say "Hey, what's up with these bedrooms? Eh? Eh?". One thing I do, is whenever I'm bored and I actually find something to do (paper airplanes, shooting rubber bands at a soda can) I see if I can use these in my room. So, just be on the lookout for things you might want in your room for boring days etc.

One thing you can do to get started is cleaning up. This is pretty much biannual for me because I'm a procrastinator at heart. Oh well. Anyways, if you clean it up you find things you forgot about, and make more room for stuff you might want to throw in.

Final Note: I realize this is all a little obvious to some people, but I know if I don't know how to do something I need someone to spell it out for me. That's this.

Less informative blog posts coming soon.


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