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Monday, March 28, 2011

Vox Amplug Joe Satriani model

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So, due to noise constraints at home I have to use headphones when I practise (which is seldomly at the moment).

I had a look at the various Amplugs on offer from Vox and listened to the demos on Youtube.  I've decided on the Satriani signature model which has arrived today from Amazon.

Once I have a few runs with it I'll update!

Had time to play through this now.  I'm playing my Schecter C1 through it and it's not bad at all.  I'm using Sennheiser closed back headphones with it so I've found that turning the volume up beyond halfway on the Vox is loud.  Past halfway is unbearably loud for me.

It has Volume, Tone and Gain dials.  The Tone actually does affect the sound, rolling off the treble gives a bit of a mellower tone.  Gain goes from clean through crunchy; it doesn't go into crazy overdrive territory, so if you buy this looking for hard rock or metal it won't deliver.  Clean isn't crystal clean; it's sounds a bit bluesy clean, a tiny bit dirty when guitar volume is at 10.  Rolling it down cleans it up but it's not Fender clean.  Turning the Gain to around three quarters or so I got some nice Slash-type tones - not exact duplicate but similar.  With a bit of volume control on the guitar I expect it'd give AC/DC and Thin Lizzy type tones.

The Delay feature is nice.  It's fixed, i.e. on or off at around 500ms (I haven't accurately timed it).  Depending on how loud the guitar volume pot is it will cycle around five time on a single note, gradually fading off.

One bad thing I've found with it is (may just be my amplug) is it has a bit of hiss when not playing guitar.  I found it when I rolled the Gain up to around halfway, with volume around halfway.  It's not loud but it could be annoying between playing.  It's not audible when you play notes so isn't bothering me.  I have found all solid state amps I've played through with headphones have had this background hiss - perhaps I've just been unfortunate.

It has a line-in which I've not tried yet.  It's a 3.5mm jack socket so I'm going to plug in my MP3 player with backing track to practice over.  I noticed when I plugged in the MP3 player using a 10cm jack to jack lead that I got an increase in the hiss; it may be my lead, I don't have another yet to swap it.  As soon as I unplugged the lead the hiss went back to it's normal level.

No comment on battery life yet as I've only played it an hour.
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