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Monday, January 11, 2010

Rolling Mills installed

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Finally! Got a soldering iron and the correct rosin solder. Made a note of the wiring and where everything has to go. Desoldered and removed - all straight forward and good. Tidied up the old solder.

Then it got fun! Soldered back on the wires to the volume pot. Nice n tidy.

Tinned the wires to the pot for the coil split, soldered them on nicely. Then for some crazy reason, would the grounds solder to the base of the pot?!?!?

Cue an hour of soldering, desoldering, cleaning, soldering. Eventually got it done but I'm displeased by the tidiness of the job. No buzzing so I think it's grounded properly, or at least as well as before and it sounds fine.

Anyway.......... how do these pickups sound? The neck is 8k so sounds (to me) brilliant, gives great bassy tones which nice clear treble. Such a huge improvement over the previous Duncan Designed bucker. The bridge is the overwound 13k bucker and so is crisp and crunchy. It sounds nice on the HT5 clear channel, but I've found it sounds best with a lot of gain. I've not had chance to fully experiment with it yet (I was playing on the neck as the tone was so nice). The bridge pup is a lot better than the stock pickup.

Overall, I'm pleased with the change. I was aiming for a thicker tone and that's what I got. Oh, and pinch harmonics are so much easier to pull off, or it seems like it. Previously the bridge squeals were, well, crap. But now they're great. I can even get neck squeals too - I couldn't before (maybe bad technique).
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Davieca wrote on Jan 18th, 2010 2:29pm

So, had a bit more time now to play with the bridge pickup. As would be expected it sounds like the neck, but a bit crisper. I'm not sure I've got it close enough to the strings, I'm going to raise it a little I think for a bit more bite.

Other than that, for 54 I'm very pleased with this pickup set.


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