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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Learning Pentatonic Scales and More

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Basically because Dimebag Darrell, Kim Thayil and Jerry Cantrell are Hell of guitarists, I want to be somewhat a replicate of all three-in-one.

First thing's first: learn the damn pentatonic scales that Dimebag is so well known for busting out in his solos in both Pantera and Damageplan.

Second: master alternate-tunings when it comes to playing and making songs like Kim Thayil of Soundgarden. He was and probably still is very experimental with the odd-tunings and odd-time fixtures. Something I want to do, as well.

Third: Riff the fuckin' Hell out of the guitar and play a mean solo that's short, sweet and gets to the point. Jerry Cantrell knows how to make them complicated and I can admire his ability just be listening to songs like Love, Hate, Love and Nutshell.

Here's to hoping.
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DavidsonTFPa wrote on Mar 25th, 2009 9:25pm

Yeah, I agree. Good luck.


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