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Tuesday, December 23, 2008


Current mood: artistic

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I love photography. I love it so much, i feel it should be shared with the great UG'ers. So I'll post a couple of pictures with some good memories, and I describe briefly what happened, and why this picture means a lot to me I'll countdown to my number one favorite picture of mine, that brings back good memories. Also, most of these pictures are taken by me with my Sony Cybershot W-120. If they are not taken with this camera they have been drawn be me using either photoshop cs2 or illustrator cs2. If you have any questions about either photoshop or photography, go ahead and ask me either through private messaging, or just post it as a comment right here.

4. The Iguana
I chose this picture for my #5 pic, because it is beautiful. I love this picture because how calm the animal was, and how it didn't mind me putting my camera two inches from its face. I applaud this animal's modeling

3. One of My Rats Sara
This is one of the very first pictures taken of my rats. Rats have a bad rep to begin with, when you think of rats you think of dirty animals eating out of a garbage can. Well is actually the inverse, rats are one of the cleanest animals, and in my opinoin one of the cutest Sara is pictures here sitting in my jacket pocket, she does this quite often actually, but not as much as she likes to sit on my shoulder

2. Snow Illustration
This is, I think, the first drawing I ever did using photoshop. The sad thing is it's one of my best Nah, its not my best, just I really spent a lot of time on this one, and it reminds me of all the hard work i put into life. I drew this with my pen tablet. And I was brand spankin new to the whole tablet thing. I can remember drawing this vividly, I'm a perfectionist so it had to be perfect, I was shaking like crazy(this is a weird habit of mine, shaking while i draw, I still find this happening everynow and then) but, i finnaly did it, and I love the outcome.

1. The Deadly Parrot
This parrot had it in for me. I walked up to the cage, mesmorized by its stunning colors, and it seemed, like the iguana, was going to let me get really close to take a picture. Just as i put my camera almost in the cage and press the button down halfway to focus, then all the way, the parrot squeals and starts attacking the cage, trying to get to me and my camera. I did absolutely nothing to provoke this attack, and I felt bad that the animal was just about hurting itself to attack me. Although it was sad i got a really funny picture out of it:D  And yes, I do see that the parrot is sticking his tongue out at me:D

Thanks for reading my blog on photography. Please leave a comment, if you don't have anything to say leave a comment saying you would say something, but have nothing to say, although its kinda hard not to have anything to say considering you just read a whole bunch of stuff i said
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breakingxxcore wrote on Dec 24th, 2008 3:25am

These pictures are /gorgeous/.

The Iguana: I love the colors in this photograph.
Sara the Rat: I must say, rarely do I find small animals cute, but this is just plainly adorable. =]
Snow Illustration: I'm not going to lie, I think this is great for your first attempt at a picture in Photoshop. Nice job. [Happy Holidays!)
The Deadly Parrot: These colors are so beautiful and I think the bird is adorable in it's own kinda way. xD

Well done! Please post more soon. =]


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