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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Taking a Break

I'm leaving the Pit for the foreseeable future. I might pop in on the Hugging Thread, as I do lurk there (and have done so for nearly two years). Other than that, I've really started to tire of the Pit and its associated bullshit. 
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Friday, January 22, 2010

On Holding On

Current mood: calm

You're probably aware that my life has not been what one would call enviable for the last couple of months. This is not me complaining; it is me being brutally honest. Many of the events that occurred between August and December would have been entirely avoidable if I had been willing to accept help and make changes within myself.

The whole ordeal (and it was a fucking ordeal) taught me to not be afraid to ask for help. Almost everyone will need support and encouragement, even it starts with just admitting to someone that not everything is okay. That's not to say that people should expect that all the change that they need will come from the outside. Ultimately, it comes from profoundly changing yourself, the way you live, and the way you think. I can tell you, without any doubt, that if I were to run into any of the people I met in the hospital just last October today, they would not recognize me as the same person. I dress differently, I carry myself more confidently, I speak more confidently; in short, I am not the same Chris that went to McLean in mid-October. I was able to make these changes only because of the support from those who genuinely care about me (and you know who you are).

I think the best way to describe the point I'm getting at is to say that there is light at the end of every tunnel. You have to hold on, hang in there, whatever you want to call it. You have to ask for help. It is never too late. There are people who love you and care about you, people who will help you. When you reach out they will respond, they will help you get on track, and even give you that first push in the right direction.

To put all that simply, I'm saying that when it all hits the fan, hold on, and get support, help, whatever. Even if it means swallowing your pride, or admitting you fucked up. You are worth it.
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