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Tuesday, August 03, 2010


Current mood: Sorry

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these are dedicated to Skylar..and really all my sisters..i love you girls..and i promise if you ever fear that house..I'll save you..
the top one really relates to skylar and me more than any song on this planet..here's the comment i posted on both videos...
I can relate to this song..not in the same way, but the lyrics have a meaning to me..Skylar i'm sorry for leaving you behind to protect myself..but baby girl I know our other sisters...are taking damn good care of you..my squirell my baby girl..my sister.my everything i miss you..and i'm sorry you have to deal with mommy's drunken idoit husband..i love you baby girl..please don't ever hate me..
Girls i love you more than i love my self..or anything on this earth...I wish i could say these words to you..but i can't..i just can't and im sorry for that...
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