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Friday, April 11, 2008


Current mood: excited

I just got a new laptop

its soooooo nice!!!!!!! :heart::heart::heart:

Its black and really really shiny

god i love this thing!!!! :D

 it has literly EVERYTHING!!!!!

and i mean EVERYTHING!!!!!! ;)

8:37 am - 5 comments - 3 Kudos
Wednesday, February 06, 2008

hurt my hand :/

Current mood: hurt

ok so how about i was angry and doing dishes and i dropped a glass cup, not thinking i actually broke it, picked it up, washed it, then ran my hand down it really fast cause was in a hurry, and i sliced my hand open.  I cut it about 3cm long and needed 3 stiches in it!!! 


but i'll live right, so yeah, i'm in pain, and wont be writing much
so have guys, well, maybe not that much ;)


6:12 am - 8 comments - 6 Kudos
Monday, December 31, 2007

State Trooper

LADY: Hi officer, was i speeding?
STATE TROOPER: Yes Maam, you were going 75 in a 60. License and registration please.
LADY: Sure but when you hand me my ticket go ahead and hand me two tickets to the State Troopers ball.
STATE TROOPER: Maam, State Troopers don't have balls!....
State Trooper smiles and closes his ticket book
STATE TROOPER: Have a nice day

6:19 am - 13 comments - 16 Kudos
Thursday, November 15, 2007

pickle slicer

Current mood: amused

Bill worked in a pickle factory. He had been employed there for a number of years when he came home one day to confess to his wife that he had a terrible compulsion. He had an urge to stick his penis into the pickle slicer. His wife suggested that he should see a sex therapist to talk about it, but Bill said he would be too embarrassed. He vowed to overcome the compulsion on his own.


One day a few weeks later, Bill came home and his wife could see at once that something was seriously wrong.


"What’s wrong, Bill?" she asked.


"Do you remember that I told you how I had this tremendous urge to put my penis into the pickle slicer?"


"Oh, Bill, you didn’t" she exclaimed.


"Yes, I did." he replied.


"My God, Bill, what happened?"


"I got fired."


"No, Bill. I mean, what happened with the pickle slicer?"


"Oh she got fired too."

2:18 pm - 11 comments - 18 Kudos
Friday, October 12, 2007

The Great Mystery

Current mood: amused






:heart:The Great Mystery:heart:


As I lie there
Laying on my back
I slip my hand into my pants
And begin to feel my sac

I look down
And start to stare
I begin to wonder
Just what’s in there?

Are they filled with jello
Or are they made of gummi
All I know is what’s in there
Is probably really yummy

As I sat there starring
I leaned real close
At this point I realized
That balls are really gross

They like to shrivel up
When I get a chill
And then they like to grow bigger
When I get a thrill

Then there’s a noise
Someone coming down the hall
I look up and let go
Of my clustered balls

It was my dear friend Jawiggins
With his giant fro
But now what lies in my sac
I guess I’ll never know

2:20 pm - 7 comments - 6 Kudos
Thursday, October 04, 2007

Stick it if you will

Current mood: amused

A man goes to a restaurant and orders a chicken dish. By the time the food is ready and he is about to eat, the waiter comes back and says, "Sir, I'm afraid there has been a mistake. You see, that police officer who is sitting at the next table is a regular customer of ours and he usually orders the same dish. The problem is, this is the last chicken in the house. I'm afraid I'll have to take this dish to him and arrange for another dish for you!"
The guy gets really upset and refuses to give up his food. The waiter walks over to the other table and explains the situation to the officer. A few minutes later the officer walks over to the man's table and says, "Listen and listen good. That is MY chicken you are about to eat and I'll warn you, whatever you do to that chicken I'll do the same to you. You pull out one of its legs, I'll pull out one of yours. You break one of its wings, I'll break one of your arms!"
The man calmly looks at the chicken, then sticks his middle finger in the bird's rectum, pulls it out and licks it. He then gets up, drops his pants, bends over and says, "Your turn!!"

2:19 pm - 9 comments - 8 Kudos
Thursday, October 04, 2007

I'm glad I'm a woman

Current mood: amused


I'm glad I'm a woman, yes I am.
I don't live off of Budweiser, Beer Nuts and Spam.
I don't brag to my buddies about my erections.
I won't drive to Hell before I ask for directions.

I don't get wasted at parties, and act like a clown.
And I know how to put that damned toilet seat down!
I won't grab your hooters, I won't pinch your butt.
My belt buckle's not hidden beneath my beer gut.

And I don't go around "re-adjusting" my crotch,
or yell like Tarzan when my headboard gets a notch.
I don't belch in public, I don't scratch my behind.
I'm a woman you see-I'm just not that kind!

I'm glad I'm a woman, I'm so glad I could sing.
I don't have body hair like shag carpeting.
It doesn't grow from my ears or cover my back.
When I lean over you can't see 3 inches of crack.

And what's on my head doesn't leave with my comb.
I'll never buy a toupee to cover my dome.
Or have a few hairs pulled from over the side.
I'm a woman, you know-I've got far too much pride!

And I honestly think its a privilege for me,
To have these two boobs and to squat when I pee.
I don't live to play golf and shoot basketball.
I don't swagger and spit like a Neanderthal.

I won't tell you my wife just does not understand,
Or stick my hand in my pocket to hide that gold band.
Or tell you a story to make you sigh and weep,
Then screw you, roll over and fall sound asleep!

Yes, I'm so very glad I'm a woman, you see.
Forget all about that old penis envy.
I don't long for male bonding, I don't cruise for chicks
Join the Hair Club For Men, or think with my di*k.

I'm a woman by chance and I'm thankful, it's true.
I'm so glad I'm a woman and not a man like you!


2:11 pm - 12 comments - 13 Kudos