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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

For the Music

Current mood: calm

Because of the modernized society we live music doesn't have to be 5 people in one room anymore for it to sound together. Live, yes but on the recording now. I want to start an on going internet band that. Covers, Originals, everything. No, We won't be making any money or anything of the like but what it will do is give every a chance. It doesn't matter if you just starting or if you a 30 year veteran to the music, its the experience that makes the musician in my opinion. I want anyone and everyone who has a lyric, or riff, or a beat to reach out and lets make something together. Lets cut out the recording studio, cut out the record label and just make something for fun. Show the world that you don't have to have the state of the art equipment in order to make music. Hit me up if your interested. I play keyboard, guitar, and bass if anyone reading this needs the same. Hope you all have a nice morning and a great day!
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