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Monday, June 28, 2010


Sooo, I haven't been online in ages. I think I'm going to start using this forum again, for more than the tabs.  Wooohooo :)
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Saturday, May 24, 2008

...I can't figure a name for this...

Current mood: frustrated

I just really need a rant right now, and this is the perfect place for one, since not many people read this.

There's just been so much stress lately, it's crazy.  Most of it being homophobia, and rumours sprouting up, and losing people that I thought were my friends because of all of this.  I don't see how I put up with it at all most of the time.  All I ever hear are slanders about gays, right down to people going "That's so gay.", and everyone calling each other gay. How did the word Gay get to be a synonym for STUPID? And how the hell can an object, with no life, no orientation whatsoever, be GAY? Or STUPID?  The most reasonable thing to say to something nonliving is something along the lines of "That's not right"  Otherwise, you're doing a great job of putting random, meaningless things in the same catagory as the mentally challenged, or in the same catagory as gays, that's damn pathetic. You know what? I'm fricken PROUD to be who I am, I can't change it, nobody can, not even the Pope himself. So, why do people have such a problem with it?  Love is love, no matter who it's between. 
    It's not fair that people get attacked and shit just because of their orientation either.  Just recently, there was a guy who is bisexual who got most of his genitals cut off. Part of it was due to that fact of his orientation. 
    This may be taking things to a slight extreme, but the saying 'opposites attract' is pissing me off, cause if you think about it, men and women are opposites.  It's almost just like saying that gays don't belong together if it's put in a sentance correctly.
On another note, but still the same subject (sort of), why the hell does orientation have to affect who your friends are?  Just because I came out this year, I've lost friends, and people that I was starting to get close to.  And now, because of a fucking person who I was friends up until December or so, I'm having a whole bunch of drama issues. People I was getting close to now hate me cause they choose to listen to that attention seeking twat.  And, currently as I write this, I'm losing someone else due to her wanting everyone and everything. That's all...
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Tuesday, October 02, 2007

R.I.P Nathan

Current mood: depressed

 On September 28, 2007, Nathan E. Allard, 13, was killed in a car crash with his older brother, Zach Allard.  They were speeding down Braintree Hill Road, when their new chocolate Labrador jumped into Zach's lap, causing Zach to lose control of the car, and henceforth roll the truck into a tree, causing
Nathan to fly out of the windshield, into a ditch full of water, where his head become pinned between a rock, and the truck.  At least he died quickly, but still, nobody deserves to die that young, especially Nathan, as full of life as he was.
That same night, my mum's boyfriend's foster brother was killed in Louiville, Kentucky.  He was pinned between a tractor while clearing some of his land, and he was a newly-wed, as of September 8th, 2007.  Unlike Nathan, he was pinned under the tractor all day long, and if he had lived, both his legs would have had to be amputated.  His wife was 3 months pregnant.  It's also a shame, but he at least got to tell his wife he loved her, somehow, he scratched "I Love You Betty" into the fender of the tractor.
 HopefullyBoth these familys (my own included) see better light than what's been seen lately.
Sorry to those of you who thought it was disturbing, but, I needed to get this out of my system.
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