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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Does No One like Guitarists anymore?

Current mood: annoyed

I been looking though craigslist for a while tring to find a band that needs a another guitarist and guess what....
THEY DONT :wtf::wtf::wtf:
most of the listings have been like wanted:Bassists or singers or drummers
But no guitarists???
and when I try to make a band bymyself I hit a major speedbump. I need a Bassist and a singer and a drummer too! :mad:
And to make it even worse my crush likes Bassists now!!?!:wtf:
WTF is with all this Guitarist hate? Or am I the only one thats feeling it?
yeh Im the only one.... :sad:
I know ill learn bass!
Problem solved :wavey:
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Sunday, September 13, 2009

First "Gig" with band...

Current mood: tired

hey guys this is pretty important so im making it a blog.
first gig with band. should have been awsome right? :)
:no: uhh. nope
so we were playing for a friends b-day party. For her present.
She had a DJ.
.... no it doesnt end there :rolleyes:
we went up to do our set list which we spent what...Weeks practicing on:wtf:
We got one song done, it didnt go badly. Then we had a pause where this guy, one of the guests, came up and wanted to jam on the drum set. So we get him off eventually and by then( yeh it took a while) the Dj thought we were done with the Setlist so he started his music again. :grrr:
yeh that was our gig
oh yeh :idea: did i mention that my drummer had to cancel his camping trip with his buds to go to this "Gig".
Sorry if this sounds like a rant :( cuz it is.
and i know, suck it up, grow some balls.
at least we got a awsome song name
The Day of Regrets
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Sunday, July 19, 2009

The Attack Of the Liger

Current mood: sore

I got attacked by my friends german Sheperd. We were playing halo and we got excited since there was this part where this guy sneaked up on us with a plasma sword and it got really close quarters. And when he killed my friend we started shouting and making alot of noise and then Liger thats the dogs name jumped up and bit me on the shoulder. 
But i mean the dog is huge its as big as me standing up and im over 6 feet. 
the bite started bleeding but my friend put disinfection spray on it and so i should be fine. Now i have a circular scab on my shoulder that will turn into a scar. 
Im not looking forward to the next time i shower.
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