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Monday, November 08, 2010

Goodbye, sleep, it was nice while it lasted

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In the month or so since I've last had contact with UG(I've been lurking), I got a job promotion to Pricing Assistant Manager at Winn-Dixie.  That's, like, a big step up, man.   Pay raise, steady hours (If you've ever worked for Winn-Dixie, you would know that they always let the most emotionally unstable, nutjobby whacko do the scheduling for the front end, and they cut your hours down to nothing if you ask for a day off), and no more chasing shopping carts around the parking lot.  Now no one can call me their buggy bitch ever again.  

  You know who you are.  :I   <3

  The only downside to this is that I've got to be there at 6, so I wake up at five and get some homework done before I'm in WD for eight hours.  But that's fine, it's not like I'm busy anyways.  Honestly, I pretty much spend all my time on Facebook.  >.>  
  Facebook is the Meth of this generation.  It's addicting, and people would rather do it than be sleeping.  -sniffs-  Because of that, I've got a whacked-out sleep rhythm, man.   And even worse is that whenever I go to bed at 9:00pm, like a normal person, I wake up around 12 or 3am, and hop out of bed all excited to start the day, only to realize that it's waaaaaaaay early in the fucking morning and day isn't gonna be here for another 4 hours.  Fuck that, man.  I am NOT getting my spirits lifted just to go back to bed.  :I  I haven't done that since I got out of High-School.  Fuck that, man.  Fuck it with a big German sausage!

  So, I stopped sleeping.  I loaded up on Monster and Red Bull and black coffee(Because cocaine is too much for my meager salary), and just straight did night-things(Besides sleeping).   When I went to work, I made it until 1pm, and slowly started crashing.  By 1:15, I was pretty much useless, so I did pricing for the wine.  It's organized by colour, not by type or alphabetically.  Probably so all the illiterate drunks in this town can find their fix.  No one in the store will bother you when you're organizing wine, because they don't want to be asked for help.  
This is how we should start stocking the wine.  

So now, I'm self-medicating to get my sleep schedule normalized, where I can get some decent sleep and not pass out later.  

  Just remember:  Every time you go shopping, atleast 10 people have handled that product before you.  And not always with their hands.  

SSometimes, It's been footled!

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salmon philippe wrote on Nov 8th, 2010 10:38am

et oui c'est encore moi ... (and yes , me again ;...)
good luck for your new job , and no , you won't find me on facebook because although there are already lots of clones of me called philippe salmon , I have deleted my own account.


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