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Musicmaniac1234 (2)
Monday, September 06, 2010

So there are two fish in a tank. One turns to the

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"I don't know how to drive this thing."  

  ^That's my parting words to my boss.  Not "I'm thinking about quitting, and shoving my fist through your head.  I'm still deciding which to do first.".  All you guys in Regional, you'll be fine without me.  >.>  

  My uncle came to visit us this weekend.  We were playing Scrabble, when he leaned over the table and said "Did you know, that in Cold War Era america, you would've been drafted by the CIA to spy on the Russians?  Because I could totally see you as a double agent.".  We then proceeded to sing Secret Agent Man in high falsetto voices, and do somersaults around the house and point our fingers at other family members.  

  Because that's how we roll.  Somersaults!  D:<  

  I work for Winn-Dixie now, and despite everyone saying "We're like a family!", it will never be anything more than a paycheck to me.  My coworkers are a constant source of amusement and sadistic tricks.  So far, I've locked one person in the freezer, another guy is damn sure that I'm a Russian spy(AGAIN WITH THE RUSSIANS.  REALLY.)  and a chubby mentally handicapped girl has a crush on me.  I think I'll lock her in a freezer, too.  >.>  

  Also, Repo! The Genetic Opera is an amazing musical, and it's easy to catch fish with pantyhose.
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Musicmaniac1234 wrote on Sep 7th, 2010 3:17am

I wish my family and I would somersault around the house :(


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