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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

First things First (How I began)

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I played in a band back in high school, 10 Second Fury.  I was the lead singer, played a bit of harmonica and that is about it.  I should have picked up the guitar back then, I would have had a great teacher, my guitarist was highly skilled.  Regrettably I didn't have the interest, skills, or motivation at the time.

After the band thing fell apart, playing music fell away from my life.  I could not even bear to hear any of the bands or songs we covered.  I started listening to everything else, became skilled at rapping...... I would go to local bars where there were rap battles and sign up to take the challenge, I often won since I didn't really take it seriously and was just there to make fun of myself, ane everyone else.  This short excursion in life grew tiresome quickly and had to go.

I turned down a management position at my job and moved away for college, got a few Bachelors degrees and moved across the state to Seattle.  I moved in with my best friend from college and started looking for work.  I bought a cheap old beater Montana guitar at a pawn shop for $60 and messed around with it for a while, still never investing time in it.  I soon found a job and let it gather dust. 

As time past, I go married, got my MBA, and moved to the bad/poor part of town, soon after that I lost my job.  I got bored of looking for work continuously and found that old beater guitar to a good detraction.  I was (and still am) cranking out tons of job applications each day, many guitar breaks are needed during the day to stay sane.  I actually started learning some chords, as my wife's family is musically inclined and I guess there was some "fitting in pressure", not directly though.  

Then one day the beater guitar fell of it's stand and broke at the headstock.  This was a glorious and tragic day.  I lost my only guitar but realized I was a guitar player!  After a tiny bit of research I bought a Hummingbird at a pawn shop after a numbing visit to the dentist.  I chose the Hummingbird mainly because I recognized it and for nostalgia reasons, my guitarist who I have the utmost respect for had one when I was in a band.

This is how it began.....  
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