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Sunday, December 18, 2011

Band/Artist hate.

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Ok, I know this topic has been done to death, but I just needed somewhere to put this.

I do not understand people hating a band base solely on the fanbase of said artist.

My first example would be Avenged Sevenfold.  Now, hear me out.  I do not claim to be an A7X fan, do not own any of their merchandise, and have never purchased any of their songs.  However, I do listen to them when the come up on my iTunes, radio, and whatnot.  I do learn their songs on my guitar, and I think they have an interesting/unique style.  Most places I go, I hear people (Especially here) hating on A7X.  Why?  because of their fans, and thats the only reason.  Often times (and not the case with Avenged Sevenfold) people will hate a band based purely on an over-exuberant fan or fans.  I do not understand this, as often times the music is good, if not great.  

I do understand hate for the artist based on their music; such as some people can't stand Dave Mustain, I get that.  Some people hate on bands because "their not the same without ____".  Now this one really got me, as a friend argued this about Dream Theater.  "They aren't the same without Portnoy", he said at lunch the other day, "I hate their new stuff."  I asked why, since to me, Mangini's chops sounds just as good/fit just as well as Portnoys.  He said it was due to fact that a founding member had been replaced, and therefore the band was different.  I got to thinking about that, and realized he's right, the band would be different without Portnoy.  But, does that give reason to arbitrarily hate the band, to reject out of hand any of their "post Portnoy" work?

It made me think, just what constitutes a likeable band?  if A7X were to not dress the way they do, have not pierced and tattoo'd themselves everywhere possible, would they still have the popularity/hate they have today?  Is it the style, the genre, or the image that makes a band popular?  Extending this argument, if Justin Beiber ( I honestly didn't want to bring him into this, sorry) hadn't come about, but some 36 year old had the same voice, same lyrics, same idea's as Beiber, would he have gained the popularity that Beiber did?  I think not.  So, if we can agree that musical talent =/= popularity/success, who can blame bands like A7X, and others (early Mudvayne) for presenting themselves the way they do?  However, how can they be expected to compete when people from within THE SAME GENRE of music hate on their outfits.personal appearance?  It seems to me to be a losing battle, one in which you must find the perfect balance of image/music style to fit most peoples wants...

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