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Thursday, February 09, 2012


So I got pulled over today, in my little '85 subaru gl (with a Ron Paul bumper sticker FTW).

I was speeding (apparently) going just under 30 in a 25 mph zone...I was the last car in a line of about 7, all of whome were going considerably faster.  Plus, I had just come from a complete stop, so I think that the extr ~3 MPH should have been waved.

Officer: Do you know why I pulled you over?

Me: I think I may have been speeding?

Officer: Yes, you were going just under 30, do you know what the speed limit is?

Me: 25 mph.

Officer: where were you going? 

Me: School

Officer: School's back that way, you just passed it.

Me: NIC, sir, I'm in college

Officer: *Looks at liscense* your 17...

Me: Yes sir, I know.

Officer: Well I'm going to let you off with a to tell me why your seatbelt isn't on?

Me: o.0...thats a good question....

Yeah, I didn't have my seatbelt on.  I have been rasied to always wear it in the car, so I don't think I forgot to put it on, however, I can't specifically remeber taking it off either.

$61.50 fine for the seatbelt.  If I were 18 it would be $10.00....A Measly 4 months costs me 6x the money for a seatbelt violation.

I can't afford that, and people are telling me that I should contest it.  

What do?

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Thursday, January 26, 2012

My short paper on slavery.

Current mood: amused

So for my history class, I had to write a paper on slavery based on the viewpoint of a slave or master.  I chose slave, and did it differently than most.

If you read this, at least leave a comment on it, thanks.

They are taking us.

  Where, I do not know, neither do the others from my tribe. A common occurrence this, for tribes to go to war and take prisoners, but this time they seemed intent on taking us captive. I have seen 3 other seasons of war, and none compare to this. Women and children, from our village and others nearby, have been taken with us, bound with thick, heavy chains and placed in a single line. This is our 3rd day of marching, and it is now apparent that we are not going back to our captors village, for we passed by it halfway through the 2nd day. In all, we number somewhere between 500 and 600, closer to 500 if I had to guess. Many of our original captors have been replaced by others from their tribe; their Chieftain and his guards remain however. They are of the Gbe tribe; we fight with them often, always over land.  

  Our people, the Yoruba, are strong, feared by many, and war is our pleasure. From the time of youth, boys are taught the art of war. 3 days ago, many of our great warriors fell to the guns of the  Gbe. Guns have been with both tribes before, but never before has every Gbe warrior been armed with one. They succeeded in capturing almost 200 of our people, and the men are at the opposite end of the chains, away from their wives and children. At least two other tribes, one our allies, the other, enemies, are shackled alongside us. Akan men, women and children are seeded among ourselves and the Chamba, a tribe known for its friendship toward us.

We are all the same now; captives.

We all shall share the same fate.

  The strangest part of our procession, however, is not the jumbled, broken speech of the men from different tribes conversing, nor the keening of the women, nor the wails of the children longing for rest and food. No, it is the fearsome and chilling howls and roars that follow us. Many who had not seen  him believed him to be a wild beast, intent on slaying captive and captor alike. As our tribe was the last to join the chain, we had a glimpse of the fearsome man. He is tall, much taller than even our finest warriors of legend. He glistened in the sun, huge, casting a shadow that 4 men could rest in comfortably. The chains could not span his limbs, nor could the shackles bind him securely. So, he was led thus: A brace was fitted about his neck, the same we used to tether elephants for skinning. Leading from that brace was a chain, as thick as the central chain binding all together in our line. His arms were bound behind his back, and thick ropes encircled his chest, further securing his powerful limbs. He is a Zulu, one from the middle-lands, a tribe feared by all tribes. One Gbe, attempting to place a knotted cloth between his teeth to silence him, withdrew his hand, or rather, what  remained of it; the last 3 fingers, and a good part of the hand, torn off by this giants jaw. The other Gbe mocked him for his misfortune, but dared not approach their monstrous prisoner. Spear shafts were fastened into holes carved into the brace on his neck, in order to keep him at a distance from his tormentors, and night and day he fought them, always 20 paces behind us. Twice he managed to break the shafts, leaping at his captors with such a vengeance as should not be possible of man. The first time, one ear was removed as punishment. The second time, an eye. In his second attempt, he  managed to slay 3 of the Gbe, and received a horrific wound, snaking down his face to his neck, ending in a wispy scar upon his belly.

On the 4th day of walking, midday, we could feel the salt from the sea. When we broke free of the foliage, and onto the great expanse of sand, we saw what our fate was to be.  Two great ships waited for us, like guards of Hells gate. Rows of strange, pale, thin men wait on the shore, and just beyond them are many smaller ships, each on manned by 8 or so men, as thin and pale as the men upon the surf.

The chieftain of the Gbe strode out, with 50 of his warriors behind him, to the men on the sand. Behind the men were strange baskets, and the pale men began to speak; a harsh, pining sound.

The baskets had lids, and the lids were pried off; the Cheiftain began handing out jars and bottles to his men, who became joyous and merry, cheering and clamoring for the containers. More crates were opened, and from these the chieftain removed guns, many, many guns. Our puzzlement turned to hate.  

These Pale men were the ones who gave our enemies weapons, forever sealing our enmity with them.

  After a time, the front few prisoners were released from their chains, only to be shackled in a different manner, and taken aboard the smaller boats. One of these overturned itself in the rough waters, halfway between the shore and the larger of the two ships. Some of the pale men returned to  shore, but the other perished along with their captives.

The chieftain suddenly became very excited, and order the brute brought fourth from the foliage, where he had been thus far concealed. At the sight of him, the leader of the strange men smiled, and ordered one of the unopened baskets brought fourth. He offered it to the chieftain, who refused.  

Another crate was proffered, again, it was refused. They began to argue, clamoring in their limited understanding of one another. Then, the chief made his desire known. When he understood, the wiry man smiled even wider than before. He quickly surrendered his two small guns, worn at his waist.

After about half of us had been loaded onto the two ships, the Gbe departed, carrying their bottles and guns. 6 wiry men had taken charge of the giant, wary and cautious about his every move. I was one of the last to be loaded, and I watched the great man as I was being taken to the ship. All of the boats were at the ships now, unloading our people. The leader of the wiry men had been left behind, with 10 of his officers, and the other six handlers controlling their prize captive... Suddenly, without warning, he lept, just as he had in his two previous bids for freedom. The shafts shattered under the strain, and the 6 men uttered a brief, terrified howl, just before he fell upon them. In the time it took the wiry leader on the shore to turn in surprise, the six men were dead, crushed by their former captive. From my position, I could see the giant closing the distance between himself and the remaining men, who scrambled for their weapons. Sprays of water prevented us from viewing the spectacle in its entirety,  but in between the motion of the boat and the waves we could see what unfolded. Shouts of alarm rang  out from the ships, and the pale men watched in awe. He was almost upon them by the time they had collected their arms, swinging the chain fastened around his neck, and the harsh, thin voice of the wiry man could be heard from our boat. One shot, 2 shots, a roar, a chorus of screams, abruptly silenced,  followed by a shattered cry, and the surf was silent. Then, slower than the morning sun, a shape rose  from the tangled pile. He glanced about, then lept into the tide, dragging his chain with him. With every wave, we could see him, coming closer to our boat, while the pale men struggled frantically to  row away. I smiled; he is coming for us, even though we did nothing for him. I turned toward mynearest captor, who glanced at me, eyes filled with fear. I looked in his eyes and said, with an intensity I have never felt before,

Leo asubuhi, wewe atakufa.”

This morning, you die.”

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Sunday, December 18, 2011

Band/Artist hate.

Ok, I know this topic has been done to death, but I just needed somewhere to put this.

I do not understand people hating a band base solely on the fanbase of said artist.

My first example would be Avenged Sevenfold.  Now, hear me out.  I do not claim to be an A7X fan, do not own any of their merchandise, and have never purchased any of their songs.  However, I do listen to them when the come up on my iTunes, radio, and whatnot.  I do learn their songs on my guitar, and I think they have an interesting/unique style.  Most places I go, I hear people (Especially here) hating on A7X.  Why?  because of their fans, and thats the only reason.  Often times (and not the case with Avenged Sevenfold) people will hate a band based purely on an over-exuberant fan or fans.  I do not understand this, as often times the music is good, if not great.  

I do understand hate for the artist based on their music; such as some people can't stand Dave Mustain, I get that.  Some people hate on bands because "their not the same without ____".  Now this one really got me, as a friend argued this about Dream Theater.  "They aren't the same without Portnoy", he said at lunch the other day, "I hate their new stuff."  I asked why, since to me, Mangini's chops sounds just as good/fit just as well as Portnoys.  He said it was due to fact that a founding member had been replaced, and therefore the band was different.  I got to thinking about that, and realized he's right, the band would be different without Portnoy.  But, does that give reason to arbitrarily hate the band, to reject out of hand any of their "post Portnoy" work?

It made me think, just what constitutes a likeable band?  if A7X were to not dress the way they do, have not pierced and tattoo'd themselves everywhere possible, would they still have the popularity/hate they have today?  Is it the style, the genre, or the image that makes a band popular?  Extending this argument, if Justin Beiber ( I honestly didn't want to bring him into this, sorry) hadn't come about, but some 36 year old had the same voice, same lyrics, same idea's as Beiber, would he have gained the popularity that Beiber did?  I think not.  So, if we can agree that musical talent =/= popularity/success, who can blame bands like A7X, and others (early Mudvayne) for presenting themselves the way they do?  However, how can they be expected to compete when people from within THE SAME GENRE of music hate on their outfits.personal appearance?  It seems to me to be a losing battle, one in which you must find the perfect balance of image/music style to fit most peoples wants...

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Monday, November 28, 2011

About myself

Current mood: busy

So today, in the middle of writing one of the 12 papers that I have to finish by December 15th, I decided that I would try and become more involved in the Ultimate-Guitar Community.  So, this first blog is just a little something about myself, including some stuff you could glean from reading my profile, but for those that prefer it in one place, here it is.

1st off, if ANY of you are looking at this because I said something that offended you, that you disagreed with, you didn't understand, or made you go "WTF?", I'm sorry, and if something was truly confusing PM and I'll try to sort it out.

Anyhow, I have been playing guitar for years now, and I should be further along than I am, but everyone feels that way.  I play primarily rhythm, due to the fact that the guitars that I have all have 22 frets and bolt on construction, it makes soloing a bit hard.  I learn songs two ways, first, by ear, and if I can't get it like that, then by tab.  You who write tabs are fantastic, and I (as well as many others) thank you for the work you put in.

I play alot of Bullet For My Valentine, Korn, ATR, Godsmack, stuff like that.

On the lighter side, I stick to Santana and Dream Theater, and Jack Johnson.  The new Sixx A.M stuff is fantastic, go check it out.  

I don't party all that often, I really don't see the point.  I don't drink or do drugs, neither do I smoke.  I play Basketball a lot, I lift weights too, and am very envious of Dreadnoughts' benchweight .  I can currently max out at 250 lbs, which is more than I weigh (227 lbs), but I want to be able to do 315, so I have a way to go, even though I've only been benching for about 8 months.  I focus alot on my shoulders and Biceps and triceps.  I can curl 50 lbs in ea. hand,  I shoulder press with 55 lbs in each hand, and I forward shoulder fly with 30 lbs in each hand.  Try it if you lift, and let me know how you do.  One of my favorite activities is shooting.  I do not intend to join the military, but I do enjoy regular target shooting.  Once in a while my buddies and I will go and do spec ops style engagement.  Not the bullcrap you see on youtube by 13 year olds with paintball guns and moves imitated from Black Ops, but actual training.  No, we don't jump out of helicopters or planes, but cars are involved and we have a lot of fun.  When I'm not doing anything, I UG and watch RWJ and SXEphil as well as Dexter...I Like Gabriel Iglasies also.

I do not currently have a girlfriend, and it is not something I am looking for actively.  I do not, by any means, have the time or the money to have a full relationship right now.   I have a lot of friends who are girls, however, and my singleness is something that some of them seem to be fixated on "solving".  Not appreciated, thanks.  As my alternative to partying, I do enjoy dancing, not your bounce around whip your hair stupidness, real dancing.  I have been ballroom dancing for about 6 years now, and guys, if you don't know how, learn.  Its not hard, and can be very fun.  I also go to concerts alot, but usually they are smaller gigs, smaller bands, but the music is susally good and the crowd not drunk or high.  Given my size, I enjoy moshing quite a bit.  I will try to get a video of the next concert, as amusing and hilarious things tend to happen when I start to mosh.  

I don't have a facebook, so don't look for me on there, not that I'd give you my real name or anything.  

I don't tolerate stupidity, blatant ignorance or idiocy, and I will treat you like any of those if act that way.  Act mature and you will be treated as such.  I enjoy a good argument, game of pool or chess.  I will happily have a logical conversation with anyone about just about any topic, so longs as CAPS LOCK isn't used.  I refuse to argue with people online, because it quickly devolves into useless garbage.  I will however, gladly debate any topic.

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