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Thursday, August 13, 2009

I'm banned.

Current mood: irate


Conditions were to post a video of myself DOIN DAT FUNKY DANCE. I have done so. Not unbanned.

Mods = sucky sucky. =(
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Thursday, August 21, 2008

I'd read this if I were you.

This blog is dedicated to the so far 153 dead in the Spanair crash at the T4 of Barajas airport in Madrid. Let this never happen again.

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Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Leaving for a lil bit.

Current mood: Liverpool > Arsenal Jack.

I've got some medical problems in my arm and a few others that I can't be bothered going into... so I'll see you all hopefully in a week or two.
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Sunday, October 28, 2007

Confusius! The Blog

Current mood: drunk like the russians working for UG! lol.

So it's Sunday afternoon, just had a big lunch, Charlie Musselwhite in the speakers(check him out) so I decided I'd write a lil somthing something about myself. So here goes:

I'm Kyrl, 14 at the moment, 15 on the 20th of November. Nice and ripe for the paedos if you think about it... guess we lucky UG isn' myspace or even worse, myspace for the retards: the dreaded facebook! :o

Any way, I'm Irish. Born in Dublin, somewhere around 3 in the afternoon, my mum is called Deirdre, my dad is called Kyrl just like me, she was born in a town outside Dublin, he was born in Cork. I have sister, called Sarah, she is 22 or something around there. No, I'm not going to introduce her to you, she has standards you know? :p:

Any way, I lived in Ireland till I was 2, which was when my dad got a job in Chile and we were all shifted over there. I lived there for 7 years, good times, but I hardly remember any concrete events. I had a bunch of good friends, you know, typical childhood friends whose face you remember but whose name has gone forever? Yus, same thing.

So after that, we hit Madrid, in Spain, I lived there for 3 years. I had one great friend there. Pedro. We had some good times, I remember he wasn't as rich as I was, which never bothered him or his family, but made me feel uncomfortable, so I started putting holes in my clothes and pretend all my playstation games were second hand. . I was a bright kid back then. Don't know where it all went. Any way, we got in a big fight, because we had basically played in the street everyday since I arrived and well you know, you get tired of people and something stupid like a cousin of theirs that breaks your model plane arrives, well you ban them from your house forever. Those who perma ban know how I felt and those who are perma banned know how he felt. :haha We were friends again when I left for South Africa 3 years after I arrived in Spain.

So, SA. What a great country. People in the world really don't know shit about anything. I got loads of emails from people I knew around the place asking me: are you ok? Are you the only white guy? Do people hit you in school?

I mean, what the fuck is wrong with everyone? For Pete's (not dirkgently) sake (it's another Pete), we're all humans aren't we (lol at the Pete joke plzkthx)? Everyone was great, I lived in Johannesburg and it's such a beautiful city, America, UK and the rest of the world would die to have the largest man-made forest in the world. Yip, Johannesburg was perfect, because you could be driving in the car and when you go up a hill you can look over some of the city, and it's all trees, humongous sunsets, it's just beautiful to look at.

Right so my friends from down there. I had George, Zeke(from Charles Ezekiel) and Andrew. George and Zeke I went to class with, and I was especially good friends with George for the last few months I lived there. We both played basketball at the time, he was called Asian Swoosh(he was from India, but yeah) and I was  on the same team as him ( THE A-TEAM!) , we used to see who could last the longest on a winning streak at FIFA 07. Yeah, good times.

Zeke was an American working for a mining company, we were good friends, used to go to the same classes and hang out at break times, he was my "buddy" when I first arrived me, so he showed me around the place, it was a huge fucking school, and we were friends ever since. We used to have huge arguments over whether Trance was music or not. :haha :haha

He digs screamo now.   He is in Perth, so ladies, if you get shagged by an American douche-bag, he is your man!

Andrew: He was my mate outside of school. I used to go to an indoor snowboard place and he was always there, we made good friends cause we were the only young people there, though he was always better than me He taught me how to do a 360 . He also took me sandboarding He was a great friend, we used to go to the movies and skateboard together... that's one thing I suck at, skateboarding. I never got passed the bloody kickflip.

So that was what happened over the year and a half(think it's that)that I lived there.

So from then to now, I have been living in Asturias, in the north of Spain. We live in a dead end town, an hour away from the main city. But it's awesome.

Fucking in the middle of rurality is great, everyone is easy going, surrounded by nature, lots of shit to do you never thought existed. So I have 3 really good friends.

David: He is hilarious. We hated each other for the first month of class and we are best friends now it must be my ability to . Not really, he and another guy were threatening to chop off my hair. Someone threw him a scissors and I jumped up from the chair(inclasslol) and caught it and turned around and pretended I was going to stab him...  Those sort of things make you or break you.

Diego: Good friend from the town I lived in. It's near the town I go to school in. Not much more to say at the moment. We went out to the movies last night a 1 in the morning. We do that often. Plays the bass sometimes, when I pressure him enough. He is training to be a carpenter. He says he is going to build me a special chair to practice my guitar on

Jandro: 30 year old friend, used to run a bar I'd go to, Diego introduced me to him, we started talking about guitars and jazz been good friends ever since. He drove us to the movies last night. He is freaking hilarious and has these brilliant come backs for anything you say, completely on the spot. He also let me record a few things on him mac, and hooked me up with a gig at a local blues festival (he makes the DvDs of it, he studies film in Madrid) but I broke a string warming up, had no back up guitar(it was an acoustic guitar, I was doing a solo set) so that fucked up, but he gave me a camera and I recorded the whole festival up on the stage. w000000t. (it was a tiny stage but who cares?)

So yeah, what else... Err, I play the classical guitar and I started 1st year of Grado Medio in the conservatory. The way it's divided up is like this:

Grado Medio: Consists of 6 years with subjects that change as you go along, 1st year for guitar's subjects are: Guitar(1hourweek), Music Theory(solfege,eartraining,generaltheory, 2 hours week), complementary piano(30 mins week), guitar orchestra!!!!(1 hour week, once a month it's 2 hours.)choir(1hourweek) and I think that's it.

Grado Superior: This is the real conservatory, so to speak. It counts as a university degree, is 4 years long and it's what you do when you finish grado medio and you manage to pass the access test, which is hard as fuck. That's what I want to do. 6 years to think though.

What music am I into? I love jazz, I'm listening to jazz right now, I love classical music. I also really dig folks and blues, some rock, I kind of grew out of metal but I still with my guitar every now and again.

I write some poetry, but it's all pretentious drizzle, I also write some prose, more pretentious drizzle. I take some pitcherz wit mah cam, but they are all shitty. I dunno, you ask and I'll edit the blog.

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Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Colour for my profile

Go ahead and suggest. So far: blue, red, maroon and purple has looked icky...


Look at mah comment box!
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Thursday, August 16, 2007

Ireland. Days 1 and 2

Current mood: content

Well, first of all hooray that everyone can see the profiles now, at least someone will be looking at my profile now :p:.
I arrived to Ireland on tuesday and so far it hasn't been to bad. I have a pain in my knee, my head and I stink of dog :p:. But I'm enjoying myself so hey, I guess I'll have to shut it up.
My cousins have been arguing as usual but as sson as one of them picked up a hockey stick I gave em both a good cuff over the back of the neck and said something along the lines: Harry, shut the fuck up, Jack, put down the goddam hockey stick. If you guys fight once more you are going to see my fucking temper, I'm here to enjoy myself not to see you to bickering non stop.:angry::angry::angry: That shut them up for about five minutes.
We went to the beach the other day, I still suck at soccer though it wasn't to bad. Hopefully I will be linking up with my sister and cousin tomorow and we can get some decent lunch and go to see some art-house movie. Sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet.
Bye everyone.
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Monday, August 13, 2007


Current mood: accomplished

PM me for demonoid invites...


Kidding, this is much better. PM me for irishmen-unite group invites. Only if you are Irish.

*plays The Dubliners: Whiskey in the Jar*
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Monday, August 13, 2007

I'll be off to Ireland

Current mood: quixotic

Well I'll be heading off to Ireland tomorrow soon. This being tomorrow. My mum is stressing seeing as I'm "only" 14 and flying by myself. I find it kind of insulting since any time we fly together I'm the one reading the signs in different languages to tell her how to go to our gate.

Well to get a cheap flight and an airline that would trust me, we had to book AirLingus (national irish airline) going from Bilbao. Infiesto--->Bilbao=One heck of a Car drive by my standards. Yet I'll survive and have my mum flood me with kisses and the typical: Tape your passport to your chest, don't go taking your cousins drinking you know how it works over there, it's not as free as Spain.

Onto my cousins, I have a shit load of cousins. Seriously. In her family, my mum had 9 brothers and sisters. All get the picture: Tyge, Emma, Vicky, Lucy, Jenny, Lily, Harry, Jack, Allan, Adam and god knows who else. I'm such a horrible cousin. I will be staying with Lily, Harry and Jack.
Lily: She is cool, bound to have a front end now, won't be looking much. She is bright and would probably notice at the first glance. Hopefully she will be able to have a conversation about books if her previously immature cousin(I was a turd when I was 11) doesn't intimidate her.
Jack: He is Harry's twin, I likc him more than Harry, he has a sense of humour. He is also shorter than Harry but older so the bickering never stops.
Harry: Same as a above except for the humour...and more whining

My uncle John: He is cool. No more to say. He is really bright as well and is around the same age as my dad.
My aunt Carolyne: I can't spell her name. She is a fashion desinger. Also very cool. Rakes in a lot of cash is my guess.

They all have their ups and their downs but are my favourite cousins pretty much because they are my age and all that jazz and they are cool with me. Don't know about the bird's-nest for hair yet.
*strums ZZ-top riff*

Bye everyone.

lol at my mood. Nice. Read Don Quijote de La Mancha. It's a good book.

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Saturday, August 11, 2007

Last night's dreams

Current mood: Flabbergasted

Last night's dreams were very interesting. I went to bed later than usual seeing that I was trying out this awesomeness. It must have been around 1:30 in the morning. I went down to my room(computer is upstairs) and started playing my acoustic guitar on my bed, following the usual routine. Must have been 2 when I got up to get my usual glass of icy cold water. This is very late by my standards. I like my sleep. So with my water I get into bed and drink it whilst reading some Seamus Heaney information and poems to prepare for my PR. This is normal I always read and write poetry before bed. So I finish it all and go to sleep. What follows is the intersting stuff. I haven't had a collection of such random and outrageous dreams for a good while.


I can't remember them in any order though some do stand out as before or after others. The first one I can remember was about Seamus Heaney's "Death of a Naturalist" in it, I was the naturalist and I lived out the whole poem, including the frogs attack. Rather strange seeing the frogs were purple and the teacer had green harir


Onto the next dream. In this one, I was myself going into my school, which at the same time was in a completely different place with different furniture yet I knew it was it. The strange thing was that I was also Harry Potter,  Emma Watson was there, so it made things better. So I started speaking about Voldemort and God knows what other shit. Funny thing is that I was suddendly in the cinema watching the trailer for the latest Harry Potter movie over and over again ...


Next dream, I'm back at school and dumbledore is telling me something about hacking  he sounded like a retard but it was an exciting dream. Especially since it was all bullshit: They are hacking into are bluetooth Harry!!!! Hogwarts is in danger!!!



At this point, just when it was the most exciting...everything fades


An I'm in school again. It's all looking as it should be until some guy walks into me and says: Hello, I'm Eugeny.


And we jammed together :) Quite a cool ending for a dream. Thanks for coming into my dreams zappp








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Friday, August 10, 2007


Current mood: ecstatic

Huge thumbs up to all of the UG crew! This is looking great,  I had thought it would be cool but I'm overwhelmed. There are so many things I would have never imagined would be here. You guys have out done yourselves. Awesome stuff. I can't believe how asthetically pleasing it is as well. The profiles are just so cool looking. <3333

ps: Lol at all the moods. Nice.
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