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Saturday, September 19, 2009

from a very acidec man

Current mood: high

omg some fat guy just walked into my house on woodstock i swear they are really ****ing good man, he believes a change is surely gonna come man, he needs to lose some hod damn weight you ****ing fatas and now he beilioves in the morning and theres a badass solo now and my friend just put the video way ****in back there man!! and know theres a dude and a woman and theyre singing about does he love her and does she not so she woukld not lethim, i think ill post someblogs noq!!! okay kids im your like reall old i guees now is how you would splain me right now this is a high trippin
 OH and they just went into like a bridge im in the middle of the personalisties now between my omg the li ne on the key board are back on there i swear to god man i got a stomache now, i left for like 5 mins abouit my guitar wanting to buy a friedfnd er no the other way around about it ddaldaldaldaldaldaldaldaldaldaldalda the who just appeared on the stage, they come ojn like a bat out of hell my nace if numb from explosions se me fe me tough me feel mefeek me so now im trippin my derka friem appears tohave a mohaw you know what the kwyboard chennaks are interesting when you take a deeper perspective thats what she said derka friend sjhit im just putting sttuf here and there and every what who where following you well im not playing because this ass hole dick took another break for midn thought s of mind more than back damn if i need a was it that rumbing or rumming as they more properly call it back in the United States of Switazlerlandepyonwingheaverydsancidiom!! fuck yea brah
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Thursday, March 05, 2009

J.C. Custom Cases 2009 Cases and Pricing

Current mood: accomplished

For the 2009 year (a little delayed I know), we are announincing our newly designed general and custom cases as well as several steps closer to the release of our softcase series, the discount to UGer's has been decreased from 15% to 10% due to these lower prices, either way however you still get a quality hardshell case that lasts. Check us out at

Cheers ,

J.C. Custom Cases
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Tuesday, March 03, 2009


I say:


cjr2495 says:

Yes please.

I say:


cjr2495 says:


I say:

Thanks for making koolaid shoot onto my monitor

I say:


cjr2495 says:


cjr2495 says:

Your welcome

cjr2495 says:

I say:

my god

I say:

one of the blobs looks like a seaking

cjr2495 says:


I say:

Well it's gone now

cjr2495 says:


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Friday, February 27, 2009

Interesting Things That Happened Today: Feb. 27

Current mood: annoyed

Ok, well this is just going to be a series of blogs about things I can remember that happened in my day.

1. Didn't have my regular hot chocolate
2. Rained for 10 hours straight (In a drought area)

Nothing really during school so this is after.

3. A dog chased me upon, where I found a blown fuse? That I had to go fix
4. Cat pissed on my bed
5. Am not liking my guitar/amp combination tone
6. Am having trouble writing a song I'm working on

Well that's it for today guys.

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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

It's tuesday night

Current mood: explosive

and all I did today was make a bomb
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Sunday, February 22, 2009

UG's Bud Light Presents - Real Men Of Genius Compe

Go Here and signup damnit! p?t=1072649
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Sunday, February 22, 2009

I baked a cake today

Current mood: full

and it was good
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Saturday, January 24, 2009

J.C. Custom Cases

Current mood: hopeful

Hey UG, I would just like to announce that I'm starting a custom guitar case making business, it was inspired by my 100 GBP Build thread, but also making a case for 2 of my friends, so without further adieu, I would like to present...

J.C. Custom Cases!

I'm gonna start with offering a general series and a custom series for both guitars and basses, and double cases, then after a while, possibly purchase a little store for manufacturing (If all goes well), then probably a soft case series, custom and general, and then who knows? I have all the tools I believe I need, except for a table router (want more than need), but yea, if you ever need a case take a look at my website, and hit me up!

Comrade Curry
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Thursday, January 01, 2009

Guide to the first recording in Home Studio

Welcome to Comrades' guide to the first recording in home studio.
We'll start by pressing Ctrl N, or pressing create new project in the opening menu. This will open a window entitled "New Project File", giving you the ability to enter a name for your project, where it's folder will be located, where the audio will be located, and the beginning format of the project. We'll entitle this project 'Comrade', leath the paths defaulted, and choose Blank (No tracks or buses). This will create the project, now insert an audio track by clicking INSERT, then click AUDIO TRACK. This will give you an audio track. Now I'm assuming you want to record right? Hold up there Jethro. Now click OPTIONS, then AUDIO. This is where you will select your audio driver mode, driver, buffering sizes for playback and recording, along with configurations for the those. In the tab ADVANCED, find the drop down menu DRIVER MODE, and select your driver. If you are using your soundcard it should be MME, if your are using a Firewire or USB audio driver select that. Now go to the general tab and ensure that you are using the correct Output's and Send's under the Playback Timing Master, and Record Timing Master dropdown menu's. Good job Jethro! Now apply these changes hit OK, and now it's onto the recording. Arm your track by pressing the 'R' button. Name it if you like, and after naming it or not, press the arrow next to the name. This will give you the volume, in's, out's, and effect's of te track. Click the INPUT/OUTPUT arrow and ensure that you have the right input for the tracks. Now onto actually recording. Before that, want a metronome? Well if you want to edit the metronome properties, click the OPTIONS tab, then click PROJECT, go to the METRONOME tab, and adjust your properties. After that apply and close. Ready to record? I bet your about to jump out of your seat eh? Well simply hit the 'R' key on your keyboard and your off!
Merry Recordings, and a Happy Mixing!
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Thursday, January 01, 2009

FREE DRUM BACKING TRUCKS (That don't sound like sh

Current mood: satisfied

I've decided to offer high quality drum backing tracks for whatever your needs. To request a backing track I only ask one thing of you. Please use the following form, paste it in a PM, and send it to me. It normally takes 1-2 days for me to get looking at the message, then any where from 3 days to 2 weeks to make the actual track, I will see if I can create a database of some sort in a forum around here on UG, so I won't have to remake the tracks, anyways on to the form!
Name -
Tempo (___ Bpm) -
Genre (This helps trust me) -
Swing or Straight? (If unsure a Swing feel refers to where rather than straight notes, they are for the most part triplets, I can't describe it well but oh well) -
Section composition (How many Verses, Choruses, and Bridges etc., and how they should be arranged) -
Short description of sections -
Date needed (Self-explanatory) -
Better version of the form
Name -
Tempo -
Genre -
Swing or Straight? -
Section composition -
Short description of sections -
Date needed -
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