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Thursday, March 24, 2011

Concerning Dirk Fletcher

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As some of you know, and many of you don't, I started a new fiction series on Ultimate-Guitar this past week called 'Dirk Fletcher'. It's in first person perspective so far, started with a car crash and has all sorts of issues with blonde women, but we've barely even started getting into it yet.
Now, I have a rather in-depth plan for this one which will be fairly clear come part seven or eight. It might seem slow at the minute, but it's going to pick up very quickly.
The thing is, this is not in the same vein as Disbelief, or Rock Star, or Life And Times. It's likely closer to Life and Times in the maturity of it (not Hugh Gees arc, but Henry Jones'), but that doesn't mean all that much.  You're unlikely to see yourself in any of the main characters unless you're comfortably schizophrenic. Though, if you are, this is likely the story for you.
The music links are mostly just situational, with one reprisable section running throughout. I was trying to get away from the Fire Brand box, and I am farther away from it now than I ever intended.
I'm hopeful this is going to be a good one. Check it out.
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AfoHot wrote on Mar 24th, 2011 9:01pm

The first installment seemed nice to me, very nice and enjoyable writing, as usual. :)


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