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Saturday, September 01, 2012

A Brendan Rodgers Relative Article

I've been assessing the impact of Brendan Rodgers on Liverpool FC. The latest piece can be found here: ransfer-Season34/blog/6314271/173471.html
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Monday, May 23, 2011

Single Season

You know, it seems sort of like this is the season to be single. I've been single for a while, so I can't claim to have been affected too directly, but people around me just seem to be falling apart.

Obviously, I can't supply particular names, tales or details, but suffice it to say that things are really starting to fuck themselves up for some close friends of mine. It's a typical sort of relationship implosion, but it's suddenly happening everywhere. The inevitable decay of life abruptly, an without warning, steps it up a beat. It's rather disconcerting overall.

Now, don't be too surprised if I choose to remain a pessimist; I've never much been one for sharing, or relying on other people. That said, it makes me hopeful that other people can manage to survive making the compromises and submissions ever apparent in the early months of a new relationship. Just because I can't handle it myself, doesn't mean it's not worthy of a little admiration.

I'm told that, after a certain amount of utterly failed relationships, you're pretty much supposed to lose all faith that there's a future for you, but, for me, I had the pleasure of having that idea proven wrong. I was granted the privilege or watching love flourish before my eyes. Yes, my own relationships have failed, but while other thrive, I have faith.

So please, people around me, find a way past your differences. Stop being selfish; think about me.

Extract from Mental-Streaming
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Monday, April 25, 2011

Dirk Fletcher. Catch Up

For those yet to read Dirk Fletcher, or for those that might be feeling a little confused by it (as I often am), here we have a brief summary, in order, of the pieces unveiled so far.

During his childhood, at the age of fifteen, Dirk and his parents were in a car accident that killed his mother and crippled his father.

Also in that accident, though in a different car, was Clarissa Heathholm. Shortly afterwards, she vanishes. It is believed that she was kidnapped.

Over time, Dirk is in many bands and goes by many names. For these, he uses the same band manager - Gray Smart. He also visits Clarissa, which the manager discovers. Dirk makes Jess Harris shoot the manager, then he sets his car on fire in The Ice Factory to burn the body.

He then, somehow, forgets all of this.

Now, living above a pub, Jess Harris returns to unlock Dirk's memories, and the police have found the body of the man he killed.

Worth a read?
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Thursday, March 24, 2011

Concerning Dirk Fletcher

As some of you know, and many of you don't, I started a new fiction series on Ultimate-Guitar this past week called 'Dirk Fletcher'. It's in first person perspective so far, started with a car crash and has all sorts of issues with blonde women, but we've barely even started getting into it yet.
Now, I have a rather in-depth plan for this one which will be fairly clear come part seven or eight. It might seem slow at the minute, but it's going to pick up very quickly.
The thing is, this is not in the same vein as Disbelief, or Rock Star, or Life And Times. It's likely closer to Life and Times in the maturity of it (not Hugh Gees arc, but Henry Jones'), but that doesn't mean all that much.  You're unlikely to see yourself in any of the main characters unless you're comfortably schizophrenic. Though, if you are, this is likely the story for you.
The music links are mostly just situational, with one reprisable section running throughout. I was trying to get away from the Fire Brand box, and I am farther away from it now than I ever intended.
I'm hopeful this is going to be a good one. Check it out.
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Thursday, January 27, 2011

One More For Disbelief

Hello readers. I'm glad you're there.

Today I have spent the vast majority of the day sitting in my public library, where I can focus on work away from my laptop. It's not been pleasant. I'm not saying anything bad about the library, more the work itself, since today I've been looking for literary agents.

It's not been going well.

I thought I'd struck gold with the Association of Author Representatives, but no, they're all based in New York. It took me longer than I'd like to admit to realise that.

Disbelief has now been a work in progress for two years, and I've hit a roadblock so firm that I literally can not seem to get over it anymore. I've sent my work out to so many places, but the replies have all been so very similar. Disbelief is classified entirely as 'music'. People don't want to represent an author that writes about music.

There's so much more to it. The music is a vessel, a back drop even, but people don't want to listen to that.

It's hit me fairly hard today that I might not be able to find a market for my work. It's not the best feeling in the world, and I certainly didn't think that Disbelief was likely to let me down. Chances are it's not the fault of Disbelief, but the fault of myself in my method of representation.

Not sure how I can overcome this one, to be honest.
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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Short Story - "Home Advantage"

Short Story - "Home Advantage"

She was an Everton fan. I was a Liverpool fan. This is likely all the back story you need.

"Get off our pitch!" she shouted at me.

"Our boys never walk alone!" I yelled back, thinking myself clever.

I was young and full of bile and sperm. She was similarly charged, for her team.

We had a bad run that day, and what a shame.

We met again, by luck of the draw, the next month.

"Get off our pitch!" I shouted at her.

"Right after we kick your arses!" she yelled back - much more inventive than me as it turned out.

Down the pub afterwards, I got drunk, which helped me explain the finer points of why my team is so much better than hers. At the same time, she got drunk and that helped her explain the finer points of why her team is so much better than mine.

"But we beat you," I told her, which obviously made us better.

"Home advantage," she replied, but I was having none of that.

We went home and left our friends to argue, though our tongues still fought on the way home, in their own way. Our formations were tight, with excellent wing play and some smart tackling at the back.

"Three - one!" I shouted at some point during the night.

"Home advantage!" she shouted back.

I let her have that one.

It was another three months before we met again.

"Get off my pitch!" I shouted.

"My turf's always better, boy - wish your entire team was buried under it!" she shouted back. She was definitely more inventive than I was.

When half time came around, I called her up and asked: "Want to have a few minutes on the run from my centre forward?"

"At Anfield?" she said. "You'd get more arousal out of a chicken."

It's a shame Everton won that one, but I still love derby games.
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Thursday, July 08, 2010

The Day Off

Hey all, Tom Colohue here.
Just so that everybody knows, there will be no Lute installment this week. The reason is that I should have been working on finalising it last night, but it was my birthday, and I make a point to have one of those fabled days off I've heard so much about on my birthday.
Normal play will resume next week.
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Monday, July 05, 2010

Disbelief. An Update

Hey people, Tom Colohue here, once again. This, as it turns out, is long overdue.

I seem to have been neglecting Disbelief of late. This, for anybody who is thus far unaware, is my work in progress novel. At current, it's up to one hundred and sixty thousand words out of roughly one hundred and eighty thousand. This means that there is little to nothing left to write.

Now though, I'm onto the getting published game. This is where things get far from interesting and incredibly bloody annoying. As such, the only way to start increasing the chances of success is via press release and expansion based entirely on the name of Tom Colohue.

To this end, the next update will be via an Ultimate-Guitar Press Release, on the front page and thus with an average viewer count of coming up to six million. 

Plans for inclusion are:

A Special, Press Release Only Preview Chapter
Revised And Expanded Addition Pieces (Blogs) For Paul, Jace, Adam and Ed
A Disbelief PhotoShoot Starring Models As Ed And Ally

At the minute, the photoshoot is causing no end of issue due to unreliable people. You'll note that, with writing, there's never any help forthcoming, so I do it all myself.
I've now had two readers ask me how things are going, which is extremely flatterring and, honestly, inspiring. One reader even offered to send me money, which I simply can not accept.

Thanks for caring. It's a big boost for me.

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Thursday, June 03, 2010

Love vs Human Nature

The concept of Love has always held something of a fascination with me. If you consider the concept of human nature, survival of the species and the male urge to impregnate as many women as possible or the female urge to be impregnated by men as quickly as possible, love becomes a misnomer; unnecessary figment of life, imagination and, as simply put as possible, unnatural.

That's likely alienated anybody who reads it, but if you stop and consider it, you'll see the logic. In the origins of humanity, as far as the dark ages, the concept of love was unheard of. In tribal society, you had an alpha male (selected by criteria that ensured the strength of his sperm) and an alpha female (selected by criteria of being able to give birth to men who were likely to have a high strength of sperm). After that, there were more members of the tribe. They didn't love and they didn't pair up. Sex was a constant in order to continue the tribe and thus strengthen it by providing greater numbers. The more children a woman had, the better. The more men had sex with her in as soon a time as possible, the more likely she was to get pregnant. That was tribal society. Eat, sleep, fuck; the three primary activities of humanity.

If you move on to medieval societies, you get a lot of stories about true love amongst tyranny and an increasingly hierarchical society. Most of these stories are obviously later created. As an example, look up the tales of Robin Hood or King Arthur. They all started somewhere, and there's only circumstantial evidence to suggest their reality. In truth, all historical information recorded, though some of this is also somewhat questionable, suggests that they were much closer to being tribal than they are to being at our current level of society. Did they love? Did they hell. Children were married off by parents in order to increase their financial or political standings. This isn't a bad thing; the parents were doing this to ensure the security of their children, but there was no question of love. You married who you were told to, and you gave them children in order to carry on their line. Sounds kind of like your typical native human society. Eat, sleep, fuck; the three primary activities of humanity.

So now we get to our current state of existence, where the primary focus of life is the search for love. Sex, formerly one of the primary activities of life designed entirely for the making of children, has become a designed expression of love, supposedly morally objectionable unless you have a deep connection with your partner. If I were to ask you why you think that this has happened, what might you say? This is what confuses me about love.

Where has it come from?

A friend of mine, some years ago, raised a point concerning homosexuality and human nature. If you consider gay men, the typical male urge to stick yourself into something and get off as quickly as possible (for the intention of moving on to your next partner) can still be examined, though I personally wouldn't examine it too deeply. For lesbian females, the urge to follow human nature seems to have dissolved completely. This confuses me.

Human nature is coded into our genes. Love is not. It could be relative of course, since love develops towards sex, which is one of your three primary activities of humanity. However, the amount of time that people spend, myself included, determined to discover and true and eternal love is rather a peculiar activity. Having spent so much time considering psychology and the human ability to defy their own genetic make-up, I still just don't get it.

What the hell is love, and why does everybody need it in their lives so much?

I'm determined to work it out eventually.
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Sunday, May 02, 2010

Lute. Additional Piece

Hey there,

If you've heard about the alternative installment fifteen in Disbelief then you'll know what's coming. Since this is going to be uploaded before the next Lute installment, I can't give too much away of what's coming, so I'm just going to lay out this.

I would like to do an additional installment that carries on directly from piece twelve. Basically, from the moment that the candles go out, until the moment the final candle is ready to.

If you're still not sure what's going on, please check out my blogs for the additional installment fifteen of Disbelief.

I'd like to know who'd be interested in having me write this additional piece. Only people who comment here would be liable to have the piece e-mailed to them, so please tell me what you think and if you want to see said characters in action.

Thanks in advance,

Tom Colohue
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