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Friday, August 14, 2009

General catch-up

Current mood: apathetic

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Haven't done a blog in a while so i thought i may as well since a fair bit has happened.

One of the songs I've written is almost finished recording, just need to redo the bridge and dub the melody over the final chorus. I've been slacking big time over recording but I will upload them eventually .

On the busking front, I hadn't been for a while because of the weather, but it has started to pick up again.

I have a proper student now for guitar lessons, and am expecting more since my business cards are in quite a few windows and some people couldn't put them up but took them because the staff were interested.

The band that has been on and off since 2007 is picking up a little. At the moment we seem to be having weekly practice which is great. Also we're talking about an end of summer holidays gig because based on results, the drummer may be going to uni, no idea what our singer and bassist are doing but the second guitarist and myself will definitely still be on the island.

I intend on uploading more songs or playing skills since the current ones aren't really representative of my skills anymore, but again it's the same situation with the songs.

Should be getting a new PC soon. Ordering the parts on the 20th and am intending on getting Cubase 5 (when i get the money). Also I'm getting an awesome sound card for it .

That's about it really, just sitting around waiting for my A2 results.
Hopefully things'll get more exciting soon.
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kr46 wrote on Aug 14th, 2009 5:06pm

Nice one bud..keep it up..peace


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