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Sunday, July 06, 2008

Metallica Riffs Death Magnetic (New Album) #13

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In the video from July the 5th James records the vocals. A nice clean riff is given away. I must say I like it very much.


it takes some time figuring out the fingering, so I'll try and enlighten it a bit more:

make sure your first (index) finger stays put on the second on the A-string (fifth string). From there on let your fingers form an open D major chord, now lift your middle finger and ring finger one string higher so they rest on D2 and A3. it'll be as follows:

index finger:  A2
middle finger: D2
ring finger:   A3

now you just lift your middle and ring finger when necessary.
I hope this little explanation helped, if not please comment and I'll try n help you out further..

have fun with it! once again, please comment/subscribe and tell me what you think.. I'd be glad to hear your opinions ;)

to be continued..
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