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Tuesday, May 01, 2012

My Tabs

Hi, Philippe Tougas here.  


I usually post most of my tabs on Rivers Of Gore but I figured it would be easier for everyone else to be able to D/L them directly here using Mediafire.


[5/04/2011]Mythic Descendant -


[4/27/2011]Thoth (Lord Of The Holy Words) -



[02/12/2011]Erecshyrinol -


[05/21/2011]The Cry -

[06/18/2011] And you'll Remain... (In Pieces Of Nothingness) -


[04/13/2011-04/14/2011]The Sixteenth-six-tooth son of fourteen four regional dimensions (Still Unnamed) -


[3/16/2011]Raped Embalmed Beauty Sleep (needs to be updated) - 



[Tabbed on 06/08/2011]Cannibal Rising -


[Tabbed on 06/08/2011]Wormholes -


[Tabbed on 06/08/2011]Drenched In Madness -

Coming soon :

Cosmic Atrophy - Consumed Within the X-Zone

Nomicon - Occurence

Demigod - The Forlorn

Adramelech - The Book of the Worm 

Demilich - rest of the album (Nespithe)

Pavor - Furioso

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