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Saturday, November 05, 2011

"Music theory is pointless"

"It bugs me when people try to analyze Jazz as an intellectual theorem. It's not - it's feeling." - Bill Evans
"Alright everyone, for the head, let's do 4 bars of groovin', 4 bars of swag, and close it up with 4 bars of 'that mood', if you catch my drift. Key is 'I got the blues real bad' minor. A one and a two and a..." -Me

Music has†feeling, but it is†notes.
Music theory describes what's already there.

Thank you. This has been a public service announcement.
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Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Ville Vanni quits Insomnium; world keeps turning

† † So, apparently Ville Všnni, Insomnium's rhythm guitarist, just quit. As a huge Insomnium fan, my first response was "that sucks". Because really, they've had, except a few session members, the same lineup from day one until now, and made it work for five albums in a row. In metal, at least, that's something you don't see in every band.
† † But everything will be fine. First off, the split was completely amicable. Ville quit because Insomnium was getting too big to balance with his day job- a general surgeon. What's more, he's expecting his first child, so that's a whole new set of problems. Child notwithstanding, it's kind of impressive that he kept this up for as long as he did, and he was in two bands for a while. Now we know why he quit Hateform (which worked out pretty well too, considering his replacement was Tom Gardiner).
† † Ville also mentioned how the band had "grown bigger", too- Insomnium's signed to Century now and doing international tours. That means more exposure for them, which is always a good thing. And they've already picked a replacement- Markus Vanhala from Omnium Gatherum. That should work well enough, since OG plays a similar style to Insomnium (and not many bands do), and Markus is good at what he does. Still, their lead guitarist, Ville "The Other Other Ville" Friman, does most of the songwriting, so any change in their style probably wouldn't be apparent anyway.
† † I wish Ville (Všnni; hopefully this'll be the last time I have to use his full†name) luck with his job and his family; he's a great guitarist, and I've got nothing against him (really, I'd rather he stay), but if he thinks it's time to settle down, it's not my place to try to stop him, and Insomnium will be fine without him.
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Thursday, October 06, 2011

Wait, I can blog about music?

Current mood: tired

Hoooly shiiit.

I think, maybe, there might†be an infinitesimally small chance that I'll actually use this.

But until I actually do, g'night.
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