Cathbard: Vegedrive (TS-808)

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Keeley TS-808 clone (Tonepad PCB)

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Keeley TS-808 clone (Tonepad PCB)gutshot
Cathbarda wrote on Jul 3rd, 2010 5:35am

This is a TS-808 clone using a PCB from I did all the Keeley component swaps to give it more bass. It sounded a bit tinny at first. I socketed the 4558 so I can swap it easily, they vary in sound from one chip to the next, even from the same manufacturer. I primarily use it as a boost to drive my Tim Tamp (Champ clone) and for that it works quite well. Vegemite and Tim Tams - what else could you ask for?


Cathbarda wrote on Jul 21st, 2010 7:16am

I just scored some JRC4558 chips so I pulled out the generic Chinese one I had in it. The JRC one does sound a bit better but it's such a small improvement that I wouldn't be too concerned if you can't find JRCs. The sound is a little thicker but would be hard to pick in anything but a back to back test. The audience would certainly not notice.


Pastafarian96 wrote on Apr 7th, 2014 8:08am

I love it, that's it.


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