Ibanez: Blazer

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1981 Ibanez Blazer

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Cathbarda wrote on Jul 3rd, 2010 5:38am

My first guitar in fact. Bought new in 1981 for AU$400. Notice the wear on the fretboard? Not quite Rory Gallagher worn but getting there.
In the bridge those are two single coils switchable to series/parallel/split. It's actually the bridge and middle pickup with the neck pup in the middle position. They are just high output Wilkinsons, they aren't great but not bad either. Running two in series gets that Robbie Robertson growl (which is where I got the idea from). He just moved the middle pup, I wanted more. The middle pup at the bridge is rw/rp so it effectively makes it a humbucker when run with the other one - and it is pretty quiet.
The humbucker is just a bridge pup from my Iceman I chucked in there temporarily, I plan to drop a P-Rail in there eventually.
I used this guitar exclusively for about 10 years. With all those switches it covers a lot of styles.


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