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Friday, November 07, 2008

Movie Reviews. #1: Introduction and Saw V

Current mood: complacent

Hey everyone. Ive decided to start up a movie review blog, hopefully uploading each time I catch a new flick at the cinema (bear in mind I will be adhearing to British release dates. My reviews will have spoilers, so please look elsewhere if you havent seen the film yet and dont want it ruined.

Anyway I saw the new James Bond last night, but id like to save that for now, as I want to go back a week and review Saw 5, from a fans perspective, and to discuss the major problems that fans and fans alike find in the film. So here goes.

Captain Jack Movie Review #1: Saw V

To begin id just like to say I love the Saw films. I thought the first was brilliant, and although I will go on to discuss the flaws as they go on, I thought the first, and meybe the 2nd and 3rd were very good films. However the writer of the new films has taken what James Wan and Leigh Whannel did with the first ones, and thrown it astray. My first problem is, Detective Hoffman. Hoffmans presence in the 4th and 5th films have really damaged them. In Jigsaw we were introduced to a character who we learned about, and dare I say understood, and so to do away with him seems a real poor effort after building him up so much. Amanda was also an entertaining character and she truly seemed to be a match for Jigsaw as far as the villanous role goes. Unfortunaly Hoffman as a villian doesnt quite match up, at least in these films. Costas Mandaylor (Hoffman) would no doubt make a great villian in another film, but I find myself unsatisfied with him as Jigsaws latest protoge. Fair enough we get more than a little background throughout Saw 5 as to how he became involved with Jigsaw, but unlike rewatching Saw 2 after Amamdas revelation, watching back over the Saw films and considering Hoffmans involvement, leaves me feeling like the writers were trying to fill holes with laclustre extra plot. When rewatching Saw 2, Amandas comments suddenly spring out at you as completely double-edged, im not saying Hoffman should have been leaving hints like bunny turds all over the last few films, but looking back over them, I really didnt get what they were trying to do with this character.

       This leads me on to my next point. I showed up to see Saw 5 for a bit more plot (which ive explained didnt reall satisfy me) but the problem with this film is, the plotline following Hoffman and Strahm is actually quite compelling, but I feel that Saw 5 is composed almost entirely of charaters who we have barely seen before and know very little about, and so the film feels less like a sequel and more like a tagged on extra. Also Saw 5 finally deals with the question of the fate of Jeff reinhart's daughter, and it does it very VERY badly. watch the closing moments of Saw 3 again and youll see what I mean, it really was a kick in the teeth of the 3rd films entire ending. While im discussing plot I better mention the parallel plotline to H+S, the 5 trap victims. The plot ws kind of lacking, by the end I couldnt really give a shit about why they were connected, as well as the fact that I couldnt really get why Jigsaw wanted him to set up the game anyway. Oh well, at least the traps are pretty cool. I really think its the best series of traps in the 5 films, because its less gore and guts, and more leading you up to the "ooooh right geeez, oops for them" which caught me off gaurd. (On a side note they were all supposed to use the same key, and all supposed to hook up to the electricity, and all supposed to give a little blood, but the holes?, im thinkin the girls were meant to bunk up, which makes me wonder why Saw has no sex scenes, or is that just me?)

         Anyhoo the last point I want to make before I leave you is the ending. O....M....G blatant sequelism at its best. You reeeally wouldnt expect this to be the last film, even if the Saw 6  papers hadnt been signed months ago. From Hoffman surviving (he bloody should have just died) to the mysterious box Jill Tuck recieves, you know im gonna be back here next October writing up the next chapter. What really did play at me was Strahm's fate, not that he dies, but that he was framed. I have a personal hatred of "framing" and I think it would be the worst thing to happen, so I identify with Strahm, even though hes dead. So it seems Hoffman will continue on unmolested by the police force as "literally" the only one left now, which is a real damn shame. Cue the return of Lawrence Gordon!

        All in all I still did enjoy sitting down to watch this film, and hopefully the 6th will handle the plot a little better, but until then we can only speculate as to what is to become of Hoffman, and indeed the Saw series itself.

Thanks for reading, future reviews will likely be a little shorter haha, please leave your comments and feedback!
(and yes this is very badly written, but its my birthday and im just killing time before i go have secks lawl)

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