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Monday, August 17, 2009

My band needs a new drummer

Local band Hail To Madness ( has parted ways with some of its members, and is reforming with new ones. I, Evan Hastings, along with co-guitarist Sean Taylor, have found a new vocalist and bassist, and are still on the search for a drummer. We need someone who fits the following description:

-Is between the age of 17 to 24
-Has reliable transportation
-Can practice 1-2 times a week and can take off weekends to play gigs
-Plenty of experience and versatile playing style (can play time signatures such as 6/8)
-Is influenced by 80's thrash and Melodic Death such as In Flames, Arch Enemy, Opeth, etc.

If you fit most or all of these, drop us an email. OR if you know someone who is looking for a band, let them know.
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Saturday, June 27, 2009

What I think of the Local Scene (Delaware)

Current mood: accomplished

There IS a scene, but it is however, very limited.

Some of the worst music (re: deathcore) is at it's prime while some of the best music, like my band and this band called masa balia, which consists of my friends, you check them out , goes without constant gigs (or worse, unnoticed).

It's really about being on the good side of the promoters, having plenty of people that can come out to every show.

Unfortunately for us, right as all of those things start lining up to be complete for us, all of the promoters are all booked up until the end of summer, so there goes our gigs.

Good news is, is that if a band drops off a show, they know that we're the first band to call to fill the spot, because we can get a minimum of 20 people out to every show. When admission is always a minimum of 7 dollars a show, you do that math right there, that's an easy 140 made, that we contributed to.

Pay is usually crap, but it'll buy the band Denny's or Wawa for the band afterwards. You don't do it for the pay. You do it because you love it, and you want people to hear your music, especially if the right people hear it, and you get to do more gigs, tour, or even get signed.

And that, sir, is how the local scene is.
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Saturday, June 27, 2009


So I posted in the wrong thread. Noone told me, I just kinda realized half-assedly. Anyways, HERE'S some of my band's original material, and our myspace and such.

Intro/Oblivion Rising (Think Arch Enemy) p?t=1151840

The Hydra (Think Nevermore) p?t=1151843

The Human Condition (Think At The Gates) p?t=1151842

The Science of Death w/Intro (Think.. uh.. Awesome?) p?t=1151881

The Weathering (Think In Flames on speed) *Need Input with re-writing the solo!* p?t=1151888

and of course, if you missed it, the myspace:

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Friday, June 05, 2009

Is METAL Music? (use this to argue)

Metal is the pinnacle in modern instrumentation that is NOT of classical composition.
No other genre of music is taking musicianship to the lengths that Metal is. It is a form of music in a sense that Rap is considered music (technically, it is, but I personally don't consider it). The very bare bones qualities of music are these:
1. Organized sounds
2. Pitch

And that's pretty much it. Since the first caveman could hit a stick against a wall in a steady pace, there has been music. Classical music was written by great improvisers, men who heard things that many others didn't, wrote them down, and hired musicians to bring their ideas to life. These virtuosos still exist today. They are most prominently involved in heavy metal music. Because Metal's earliest roots lie within classical music, genres of metal such as Melodic Death and (more prominently) Neo-Classical show a great influence of classical composers. Contrary to what one poster said, Metal is not all diminished or chromatic. Which is not to say that all Classical CAN'T be diminished or chromatic. Either one can have any tonal quality, key or time signature, and can incorporate any change of either one.

For a more visual/audible idea of how well Metal shares ancestry with Classical, check this out (I'm sure some of you have seen this).
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Monday, May 18, 2009

Profound thoughts on religion:

Agnosticism is to Religion as Bisexuality is to sexual preferrence. Some people can't decide or commit to one side. OR some people are just morons and couldn't see the facts in front of them. I first approached Christianity with open arms (as a child) because I felt left out. Everyone else was doing it, so why wasn't my family?
My parents were both raised with a Christian presence, but they never went to church for mass (or any other reason besides a funeral, for that matter), and therefore raised my sister and me to think for our own on terms of faith. The allure of the collective wore thin around the time that I entered adolescence and became able to form a thought for my own.
Borderline Agnosticism became flat-out Atheism once I became acquainted with the logic that science was a plausible reason for everything that had happened in history, does happen now, and will happen in the future.
Every day, it seems, someone tries to push their faith on me whether it be in school or public, and every day, it seems, I have no desire to do anything besides ignore their claims or to humiliate them for their views.
According to the logic of the Bible, everytime two people have sex, it is incest.
The race of Man has been depicted as being created in not one way, but at least four.
All races and ethnicities all stem from one man.
Trying to find sense in that hypocrisy is like trying to find a flea in a dark room.
And when you do think you have it, how can you be truly sure?
I elect just to not bother or care, and instead, to live a life of reason.
-Evan Hastings aka, ME
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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

My thoughts on Music

Current mood: annoyed

I Just posted this in a forum, and I put thought into it, so I thought I'd share it with anyone that was willing to listen:
Anytime somone on my bus wants to talk about music, I'm always the first to shoot it down. I'm the sole reason of why bus driver knows better than to play music on the radio. The whore that sits in front of be tries to argue every day that Metal is just a bunch of RAHRAHRAH and rap is SO much better. It takes ten times more talent to build your vocal endurance to that capacity, FIRST OFF. More importantly, it's the music that matters to me, never the vocals. Every single rap song just disgusts me. Many don't even have synth anymore, it's just drum and bass (machine) and rapid, slurred speaking. People try to tell me that metal can't be popular because it's not played on the radio, when it most definitely is, just not as much. However, on the mainstream, Metallica is as heavy as it gets, but there's still satellite radio, and college radio. People always have something stupid to say about any music that they don't listen to. Myself included. But for every stupid, uneducated thing they will have to say, I've always prepared an effective, world shattering retort. Go me?
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