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Friday, July 29, 2011

It's... HERE!

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Alas, you may or may not have waited, you may or may not have been excited, but either way, whether you like it or not, IT is here. At least one person wondered what it was for at least a short amount of time, but finally, here it is. What is it? It is me dumping a giant load of awesomeness on each and every one of your heads. For today, in this very post, I am announcing my participation in not one, not two, but THREE musical projects. That's right, THREE. What are these musical projects? Well, let's head on over to the showcase, and start off by looking at what's behind door numero uno... 

Analog is the (working) name of this psychedelic synth-rock duo, in which I will be manning the guitar, the synthesizer, and the drum machine. Inspired by works from acts such as MGMT, The Dead Weather, The Kills, and Radiohead, Analog will (hopefully) have sex with your ears.


This brings us to door number two, entitled Omley. Omley is a solo project I work on when I'm bored, which focuses on electronic music ranging from house to trance to drum n bass. Produced solely by me (thus making it a solo project), Omley will hopefully make up for my failed venture into the world of Dubstep (Thirteenth ).

DEBUT: Right... NOW!

Here we are, door number three, the last of the batch of soon to be musical delights that I have dumped onto you today. No, the name of this project isn't "Untitled", it simply does not have a name yet. This garage rock trio, featuring yours truly on the guitar, makes some nice sounding noises that can be classified as alt. rock, with punk and blues influence. A full EP has been written for this yet titled act... but we're still looking for a permanent singer.

DEBUT: Late 2011 / Early 2012 / Whenever we find a singer

Well, that's it. Hopefully you weren't too disappointed (hopefully you weren't disappointed at all!) Look for these three acts in the future, somewhere famous musicians would be. 

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