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Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Just got back from seeing Children of Bodom...

they were freakin sick!! omg everything was just ON at that concert. went to see them in grand prairie outside of dallas (they're on gigantour) and it was awesome. first time ive ever seen my hero in action and he was incredible. job for a cowboy was pretty good as well, theyre vocalist and drummer were really impressive (plus theyre from my hometown so ive gotta show some love). after COB played i left. didnt care to see in flames or megadeth. overall it was a great experience. go see them if u can
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Wednesday, December 19, 2007

the world revolves around...(an old blog that i fe

sex. plain and simple. perhaps now isnt the right time to talk about this because i dont really have my brain working but im pretty bored right now so im gonna talk about it. basically, a couple of days ago this fact just dawned on me. yes, it is a fact (for almost everybody). think about it for a minute and then continue.
yeah, its true, i know. think about almost anything that youve bought, such as clothes. you go and buy those clothes and try to be stylish and such for the purpose of looking attractive to the opposite sex (or same sex, whichever applies). you go out and buy those highly over-priced brand-name clothes to look good to the opposited sex. sure, you may like the way that the clothes look, but in the back of your head there is always that desire or hope that youll be attractive to someone. you want to have a cool car so that the opposite sex will look at you and think that youre cool, sexy, etc. i started playing guitar for a few reasons, one of them being that ill look hot to girls by playing (which it does totally work because most girls like a guy that can play an instrument, a cool instrument, that is). now i play for a different reason (because i love music) but im sure that girls still think that its awesome. we as humans are so addicted to attracting a
"mate" that we will even go out of our way to do something, wear something, learn something, or whatever to impress them. so yeah this is definitely not one of my best blogs (i should have written it a few days ago when i had some really good examples and points) but yeah i was too lazy. anyway, just think about this. im pretty sure that most of you all probably will realize what i have come to realize.
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