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Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Youtube Videos

Current mood: amused

^ My friends school assignment, a video on sexual harassment. We just did this on sunday. It was due Monday so we had to rush it and then found out it really wasn't due until Tuesday. He had a short script type thing written down but that was already used around the first part of the movie. The rest either I told him to say or he improvised. It was fun making it.

I'm kinda happy with the final product, even though it was his school assignment we took the opportunity to start making videos again. We used to make lots but they were pretty dumb, but now we might just make a video every week or so just to see how that goes.

For anyone interested check for future videos and maybe the ones on there if you want to see some fairly dumb videos that might get a giggle out of you. Most of our humor is inside jokes so the old ones didn't make sense and we didn't realy realise it.
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Wednesday, February 13, 2008

I got slapped by the ban-stick...

Yes indeed, banned for spam. I was warned another time also for spam but both times were more or less a learning process. This time it was for tagging threads, something I do quite a bit and I guess could be counted as spam in a manner of thinking. My computer crashed so bookmarking threads isn't an option and as far as subscribing goes...well I never really knew how to get to subscribed threads. Especially after they implemented the whole new profile system. Like I said, a learning process.
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Monday, October 22, 2007

Increase sustain

This is just copied from a thread I made about increasing the sustain of a guitar. Literally almost every post but re-worded into one tutorial for personal reference and maybe for the maybe 1 guy who happens to read this. Sorry if parts make no sense or are written oddly.

With a vintage (strat) tremolo you can lock down the bridge and stick some wood between the tremolo block and body, as well as putting some hardwood in any empty space in your guitar. If you do put some hardwood in it either use maogany or whatever wood is in your guitar. you should also glue it with a mix of sawdust and heavy duty construction glue if it's purpose is permanent.

You have to add a whole lot of weight to get the extra sustain - More mass = more sustain. The Fat Finger is supposed to help sustain by increasing the mass of your headstock. The extra weight to the headstock may only need you to adjust your truss rod, and may make the guitar neck-heavy, causing the neck to dive to the floor when you aren't holding it.

Cranking up the OD/Distortion and turning down the master on the amp. 
- Upgrading to higher output pickups
- Decent fretwork (properly seated frets)
- Better bridge and bridge saddles
- High quality nut, like a GraphTech or a bone nut
- Proper picking technique
- A full setup, do it yourself, or pay the $50-60 dollars to get your guitar setup. Also, pay the extra 5 bucks for better strings.

Some tube amps can give a bit more sustain when cranked. Like Joe Satriani's amp. I read that a lot of his sustain comes from controlled amp feedback. A compressor pedal will work wonders too.

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Monday, October 01, 2007