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camhussynec (2)
Tuesday, December 16, 2008

New KoRn album coming in 2009!!

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KoRn's next album will be released next year!! I know it seem like last week theur Untitled album came out but for people who were dissapointed with the last album you'll be glad to hear that the cd is being produced by Ross Robinson. Hes the man resposible for KoRn's first few albums and for SlipKnoT's amazing self-titled album! Jonathan Davis also quoted that their next album is going to have an old school KoRn sound. Could we possibly be getting another Follow the Leader on our hands? I hope so cause that album was definetly their one of their best!  If you have any info thats not on this blog then plz leave a comment.
Heres a video of their groung breaking song Blind.:headbang:
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camhussynec wrote on Mar 6th, 2009 2:55am

i think its guna sound more like "take a look in the mirror" but i hope it sounds more like FTL


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