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theogonia777 wrote on Oct 25th, 2014 4:36am

theogonia777 wrote on Oct 19th, 2013 at 12:40am :
What's with the lurk bro?

This again. You could at least say hi. :P


theogonia777 wrote on Oct 19th, 2013 6:40am

What's with the lurk bro? :p


theogonia777 wrote on Jan 13th, 2013 4:41am

At least it was a great game. Better luck next year, I guess. :haha:

I'm crossing my fingers for Ravens and 49ers.


theogonia777 wrote on Jan 11th, 2013 2:21pm

It's not like the Texans can even beat the Pats anyway.

That's always are probably. Some days we can go toe-to-toe with the best teams and the league, but some days we have trouble even keeping up with weaker teams. What can you do about it?

Yeah, it can be tough to find time for music sometimes. But if you're doing something that you're happy with, that's always a good thing. And of course it's always great when you figure out what you want to do in life. I've only just discovered it really over the past year. Heck, one of the things I really would like to do is audio for live television. I mean I hadn't even thought about it before this semester.

I finally talked to her this morning. Meh. It could have gone better.


theogonia777 wrote on Jan 8th, 2013 8:54pm

Unless the Texans decide to start playing well again. :haha:

Meh, there's always next year. And after Super Bowls 42 and 46, I really couldn't complain if they never made the playoffs again. Well, not really... But they do do some great stuff this year. We beat up San Fran and Green Bay real good, and we repayed the Saints for the last two meetings. Speaking of that game, it was our first time putting up 50 in over 25 years, plus David Wilson became the first player to return 200 and rush 100 in the same game. Eli also had his first 500 game this season, and Henry Hynoski finally scored a touchdown, and we beat the shit out of Andy Reid in his last game as Eagles head coach.

Other than that, anything new with you? I've decided that I'm definitely presenting as female this semester, but I still have to tell my mom. I mean, I'm out to her, but it's kind of a whole other thing to say "yeah, mom, I'm going to be a girl at school this semester." Well, I still have a few days...


theogonia777 wrote on Jan 6th, 2013 3:22am

Wow, looking back at that last comment I left... lol @ the Texans :haha:

With any luck, Denver vs Indie next week...

Anyway, thought I'd wish you a happy birthday. Don't get too drunk. :p:

Interesting fact: everyone knows the Chinese Zodiac and the cycling of the different animals. What many people overlook is the cycling of the five classical Chinese elements in the Zodiac. This means that each combination of animal and element comes up once every 60 years. And wouldn't you know it: our year (15 February 1991 – 3 February 1992) was the year of the metal goat.


theogonia777 wrote on Dec 5th, 2012 1:25am

clinching that fucking AFC West again, and maybe with a rel shot of getting anywhere

you know, until you get raped by those Texans


theogonia777 wrote on Oct 14th, 2012 8:24pm

That might be the first game ever where I didn't think lol @ Tim Tebow. It's like, it almpost sort of makes some sense why the Jets got that guy.


theogonia777 wrote on Oct 7th, 2012 12:30pm

Otherwise, school stuff. All my classes are just terribly boring except for one, which is a TV broadcasting class. We're doing a live broadcast on local access TV on the night of the election, so it's been pretty hectic. Why just got in the studio for the first time last work to start playing with the equipment. I'm one of the two people doing audio of course, along with the vocalist from my band.

R&G are just great. I'm hoping they release something new soon, since we're starting up with doing a "World Music" show at the old radio station, and apparently they fall under CMJ's definition of World Music, and we've played a number of their albums over the years.

Other than that, like I said, tranny shit. Actually coming out to people that I know in real life about gender related stuff is a really great feeling.


theogonia777 wrote on Oct 7th, 2012 12:22pm

It's kind of iteresting, because my state is both in New England and the NY-NJ-CT tristate area, so we have a pretty even fourway split of people that like the Giants, Jets, Pats, and other teams.

Musically, by computer is pretty much out indefinitely at this point, which means that for now I can't do any sort of arranging, producing, recording, etc at home, but it does give me more time to play, so hopefully I can take this opportunity to practice fiddle or steel guitar a bit.

I think that the violin may very well be the most unfriendly instrument ever created. Literally nothing is right with the instrument. The position the super high screechy range, having to use a bow, it's all wrong. Plus I'm using my sister's which is a 3/4 size, so it's almost impossible to play with any sense of intonation, and I hate the way it's held anyway, so I've resorted to sitting on the floor and playing it like a cello.


theogonia777 wrote on Oct 1st, 2012 1:57pm

Yeah. It's nice having a competent quarterback that can throw a football, isn't it?


It was the pick and the offensive pass interference what done it, eh? As much as I hate losing a division game, the whole game was just so boring and uneventful. Good defense is nice and all, but it's not much fun for me to watch.

As for the Jets, meh. I could take it or leave it. I guess I'd like if they did something, since they're sort of the other local team. I guess I could say the same about the Bills as well. But that's even more disappointing because they didn't beat the Patriots, and you know how I feel about the Patriots.

So other than that, what's new? Any closer to any recordings? My computer is stupid, so possibly no new serious recordings on my end until I get a new one. I do have a clip from my shitty melodeath band's practice on Friday:

http://soundcloud.com/beards154/sloppy-practice-cl ip-part-of

Other than that, I've done pretty much nothing of interest other than tranny stuff.


theogonia777 wrote on Sep 30th, 2012 11:53pm

Well that was a hell of a second half for your boys right there.


theogonia777 wrote on Sep 13th, 2012 2:49pm

And I feel like my boys did a real bad job on opening night. It's like they came in there with their C game. The way they were playing, maybe they thought that it was still the preseason. The Cowboy didn't even really play all that well, but the Giants played worse. You have to play every game like the season is on the line, you know?


theogonia777 wrote on Sep 13th, 2012 2:46pm

Mark Sanchez is definitely a great quarterback (he got to two AFC championships in his first two seems, he's obviously doing something right), but I still don't consider him to be a great passer. At the very least I don't see him as having the capacity to make huge plays the way guys like Rodgers, Brees, Eli, Peyton, and others can. He's definitely developing skill as a passer at the very least. Maybe this will be his breakout season as a legitimate passer, eh?

At of all the games I watched in week one my favorite was the 49ers and the Packers. It was funny when the 49ers lost the NFC Championship, and everyone was all like "nice going Kyle Williams" and yet how many people were pointing a figure at Alex Smith and Co. and bothering them about having only one third down conversion in regulation (and it was the very last play of regulation no less).


theogonia777 wrote on Aug 21st, 2012 6:03pm

Burning_Angel wrote on Aug 20th, 2012 at 9:50pm :
Haha I know man I was so happy when we dumped him. Now we actually have a QB who can, you know, advance the ball with his ARM! :P

And yeah, I figured you were just busy or something. It's cool, as I said I really have no rush.

And now the Jets have two quarterbacks that can't!


theogonia777 wrote on Aug 20th, 2012 1:15am

lol @ Tim Tebow


theogonia777 wrote on Aug 3rd, 2012 3:50am

Just to let you know, I haven't forgotten about that logo, but I've been in A C# E creative slump as far as designing stuff goes. Meh. I'm playing in a new band though. We're sort of like if you combined Agalloch, Falkenbach, and Thergothon.


theogonia777 wrote on Jun 11th, 2012 7:29pm

Ugg, character limits.

I'm also working on an indie film with one of my professors and a few other students. I'm doing audio and muzak for that. It's kind of a boring chick flick, but we have a fine cast and crew, so the acting and production work should more than make up for the story.

Other than that I'm hoping to get some stuff recorded. hopefully I can finish my split that at this rate will never be finished (I think I gave you a link, if not you can find it in my signature). Also I'll probably record some cheesy generic 90s style black metal and some really brutal goofy goregrind just for fun.

What about you?


theogonia777 wrote on Jun 11th, 2012 7:27pm

I've been keeping pretty busy. I've been working at my campus radio station, both as a DJ and as Music Director. It's pretty cool. Basically promoters send me new CDs and I listen to them and decide what we play. I also chart stuff with CMJ (which is like Billboard but for college radio). One of the promoters hooked me up with an interview with Primus in July, which is pretty cool. I'm gonna ask them all kinds of ridiculous questions.

I actually found out that we have a ton of station ideas from a bunch of metal bands. In case you don't know, a station ID is like when you say "you're listening to whatever station* and a lot of stations have custom recorded IDs from famous musicians. For example we have ones from Chuck Schuldiner, Rob Halford, and I don't remember. I'll have to take a look sometime.


theogonia777 wrote on Jun 11th, 2012 4:56am

I saw that you posted in the logo thread, and I was gonna be all like "heey, I make logos..." but you were just telling some guy that there are already bands with the same name as his. So I figured I'd say hi anyway.


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