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Sunday, September 28, 2008

Playing technical music doesn't matters?Utter bull

I was recently asked to help out in band,and this guy,he told my friend who was an aspiring shredder that playing blistering solos,wild bends and other 'hand injuring' techniques(I swear this was what he called it.) doesn't matter.I think what he said was really stupid.How the hell are you gonna improve if you continue playing all those power chords?I mean like,yeah, playing with feel IS very important.But playing catchy and slow music doesn't means it has feel.I never understand why people say shred can't have feel in them.

I believe that the guitar should be explored to the max.Why stick to only 1 genre?This dude,the only stuff he listens to is the stuff on radio.Are you gonna be a musician or a guitar player?How long are you gonna stick to your circle of friends who will just tell you to play crowd pleasers? How is it possible if you're gonna stick to your comfort zone?I don't think it's actually possible to improve if you're gonna stick to only one genre.

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Monday, March 17, 2008

Off to National Service

Current mood: depressed

I will be away from UG for 3 months for national service.It's some kinda programme that the government made up for 18 year olds to suffer for 3 months(No guitar,no computer,no music,no TV!What the fuck?!).A complete waste of money and totally useless.They should use the money for studies IMO.Anyways,if you have anything you need to know,just leave a comment and I'll reply on the 7th of June.Kthxbai!
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