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Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Cold Megan News - April '09

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Well everyone, I'm getting to the end of my degree, which means that it's soon time to get home and really get steaming with Cold Megan.

First of all, I'll be getting myself sorted out back home. A computer fix/upgrade; a new workstation and perhaps a set of monitors. Then we can get cooking and recording. I'm happy because we'll actually have some time to get the arrangements and drum sound right this year. All the problems with Katzengesang will get fixed. Because I'm too much of a perfectionist, we'll also be re-recording the album down the line. But not for a while, because I want to finish the two or three records I've been working on in the past couple of years and record those first.

After that, we'll hopefully be drafting people in to form a live unit, and we'll be playing some small gigs around the Southeast. This won't exactly be a serious endeavour, but we should be able to shift a few records, have some fun, and most importantly, piss off the punters. In terms of musicians, we have a few possible leads, but we're also still very perturbed. We had some interest from potential singers, but no bass players. So if you're a bass player in SE England, please get in touch. That said, we just about have the geography to reform the classic era Trash Kittens, too. I doubt it'd happen though, but it is a remote possibility. If nothing else, it'd be nice to do a gig or some recordings with them.

I'm not sure what I'll be doing with myself career-wise, but I should imagine that I'll either be completely out of employment or working part time, dedicating the rest of my life to music. So it's up to the public to buy lots of Cold Megan albums. We'll be establishing a paypal system to take the confusion out of it all. And maybe getting records properly pressed, too, as numerous people have complained about my primitive sketches of kittens on CDRs. Properly pressed CD's would f*cking kick, especially as Stiv has been doing some new artwork. DIY or die, etc etc. Sadly, we'd need a fair amount of money just to get a batch done, so that will probably take a while also to get enough interest to fill the quota and actually ensure we sell any. But hey!

Over Easter, me and Stiv might be jamming out some Misfits songs with a mutual friend, which will be nice. I'll also be installing a new nut and some sperzel machineheads on my guitar. Once the tuning is stable, I can get working on improving my playing.

Finally, the Cold Megan documentary will be recorded on April 20th, please wish me luck as it'll be quite hectic.

I'll try and update every month from here on out, too. Let's hope there'll be some stuff to write about.
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