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Friday, December 05, 2008

An aftertaste of Ah-nuld.

Current mood: calm

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With Katzengesang now truly finished, I figured I should write another chapter to this story, a story of which I have deleted most of, for fucknows what reason.

Writing this does have a sense of ambivalence to it, because in some ways I feel dissatisfied by the finished article.

1.) The drum sound wasn't fixable, even after careful tweaking it just sounds like a kid hitting a cardboard box with a twix.

2.)  I assumed that the finished Katzengesang would give me a clear picture of where to move towards, in other words, how to tie in the old punk songs to the newer, more progressive-influenced ones. Problem is:
 i.) I can't view the album as an outsider, and therefore don't have a clear perception of it.
 ii.) Recent works aren't thematically linked; contigent or congruous, which of course translates to 'bits of pieces here and there', not what one wants on a followup.

Where do we go with this?

But not to worry, some things went according to plan.

1.) It's a solid album, especially considering as I wrote a most of the songs when I was 15/16.

2.) It's confirmed my belief that we're a marmite band. Sure, a lot of people don't 'get' it, but similarly, people that got it got it in a big way, and blasted the thing on repeat. And that's fine, I love being esoteric.

3.) As awful as my vocal was, I actually did a swell job at it, in one take as well. And the sustained vocal section at the end of Inquisition - sublime!

4.) It's not that big a deal that I'm confused about where to go, it's not like we even have a full lineup - which essentially means that we're running on 1/3 of the creative input.

And that's the end of an era. In some ways I feel calm and accomplished, but in others I feel even more ill at ease.
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prplhazed wrote on Dec 12th, 2008 4:46pm

I really liked a few parts of it that I listened to. Not gonna lie, finding yourself a band/singer would give it wider appeal, but some of your guitar is just great, and the songwriting was almost all very strong stuff.
You say most of it was written at 15/16, I'd be interested to hear new stuff and see how/if you changed and progressed.


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