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Friday, May 15, 2009

Faith + 1

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Why not, put all your faith in God?

Has he ever betrayed your trust?


Missionaries of the modern day

Armed with an m16 and a gunship

Preach the word, we know that it’s right?


An enemy of the state

A child, with a book that preaches hate


Why not put, all, all your faith in me?

After all

It’s an awesome God that we worship today


Are you mine, to take?

A body broken, for God’s sake?


Put all, all your faith in God


I’m leading you to water, and I’m going to make you drink, drink tonight




I saw it all come alive

A teacher, in her class

A king on his throne



Put your faith, put it in God

Has he ever betrayed your trust?


Salvation, is what we seek

As evil as everyone else on a weekday

God fearing sons of bitches on Sunday


How can you put, your faith

In someone, who you can’t trust


What can I do, but what I think is best?


Put your faith, put it in God.

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