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Thursday, April 23, 2009

Fairy Tales

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I don’t believe in any of this

I don’t know, but I was told, the enemy is coming


The end is nigh, come my brothers, its time for our final flight (brace for landing)

Over the hills and far away, is a kingdom

There lives a princess

She’s a real fucking slut, she’s always high, on LSD, and coke baked into pies

She’ll sleep with you for money, to save her kingdom from her evil step mummy


There’s this scene, playing on my television screen

It’s scaring the shit outta me

Is it a nightmare on my TV screen?

Or a nightmare inside me?


Life’s not what it used to be

Let’s party, into the night, and fight, fight for our rights


I’m not, one to judge, but I reckon, this situation, is pretty fucked

Cassius my king, king of the big screen

Tell me my lord, oh what should I do

I would do it all, all for you


Let’s fight the enemy, at the gates

Fight the broken promises that we made

I’m not here to judge, is that for god above?

To judge me

To judge us


In a galaxy far, far away

There lives, a king, who’s probably gay

They say that he likes, to fight you in the night


Are these the last days, of our empire of the sun?

We were brothers in arms, brothers to the end

I abandoned my brothers on the hill

Left to die, by God’s left hand

Sodom and Gomorrah all over again


Once upon a time, in a kingdom far, far away

There was a war, a war to end them all

Only it began again, and never ended.

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