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Thursday, April 23, 2009


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I’m better then this

Not so locked up in being conceited

More open to differences…


What you be hunting for?

Is it a god, that you can blame?

A devil? It’s all the same


You’re wasting time here, locked in battle

Is it a really a god complex, if I am god?


It’s all just chemical reactions

That make us tick

Like a broken bomb, ready to go off


You’re not the one, prophecies unfulfilled, my son



I’m crushed like a bug

Tinned sardines, canned and ready to be sold

A contradiction in terms



I’m not, what I once was

Not the best, of what was left

I’m the worst of what was



Faith weeds out the weak ones

My original sin, is not quite what I thought it was

Left alone in the dust, of rotten pages, of a forgotten book

You’re not, as good as you thought

Broken down, and justified, everything’s right in your mind


Bloated stomachs, gorged on lies

Everything ends, the same way it began

With a bomb, a feeling of fun, a broken glass, a gun held, against your heart


Don’t, get, sentimental

Crushed like a sparrow in the snow

I see signs all the time, that I’m alright, and not out of my mind



It’s time, to move on

It’s not, that I, missed you



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